Design Continues to Change Me

Dear Readers,

As a student often I see fellow students that are undecided in their major or have switched several times. I for one am blessed to be able to say I have always known what I wanted to pursue for my future career.

Although, when I first arrived here at Liberty University I never knew the real passion and love that would grow inside my heart for interior design. It is funny how you think you know yourself, and then you find out that you actually haven't even found your real potential. With my sophomore year quickly coming to a close I wanted to take a quick look back on the past couple years and how design has changed me through them.

To be honest, when I first arrived on Liberty's campus in 2014 I was one of those little girls going after her dream. I knew becoming an interior designer wasn't going to be easy, and I knew that it wasn’t going to be all fun and frill at times, but I was still a little bit in la la land.

Once getting through my freshman year, learning the hard way, I realized the reality that it's true even though I may have a natural talent doesn't mean it's going to be easy. You can have all the God-given talent in the world but if you don't hone into it and use it means nothing.

Design humbles you, it's unforgiving you can get one dimension wrong, and the whole project is off.Situations such as that can be frustrating but during my freshman year, these times helped me grow into a better designer just to prepare me for my sophomore year.

Sophomore year I saw the change that had taken place. When you can draw a hand for the first time and confidently present it to the professor that is when you feel accomplished. I saw myself in a new light, especially by the end, this year. Instead of seeing myself as a girl pursuing a dream I started to see myself as a woman becoming her dream. With 49 credits behind me and only 4 interior design classes left that dream is coming closer and closer.

We learn a the start of childhood that dreams are not just dreams, but they can become reality. "A dream is a wish your heart makes" we hear from Disney. Who would have thought my dream that my little heart made at 7 years old would be so close to reality? As you can tell I still have some of that chasing dream little girl in me; however, if I didn't I wouldn't be here as the women becoming her dream nor, would I eventually be the woman of my dreams.

Blessings and sweet dreams!

Lauren Jenkins

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