Just As Fine As the Sand

This past week I was blessed to go on a family vacation to the beach. For those of you that don't know me, those that do , know that the beach is one of my favorite places. What an amazing week the Lord gave me and my family! The week was fill with laughter and love each day. From the pool to the beach, to the dinner table every family member felt like moments like this should last forever.

Throughout the joys of vacation, due to my overthinking " type A"brain, I was often discouraged of my upcoming homework in my current classes. Most of you reading if you are a student probably deal with the same issue. Especially if you are an interior design student the struggle is real not to think about design; let's be honest it's not going to happen. During this trip, I bought several old design books (I love to collect old books) about, my passion, reconstructing and designing old houses. I cannot wait to be inspired by these books as I continue in my career.

When I visit the beach I cannot help but think of the different accents you can use to throughout your home to insert the light beachy without being oceanfront.

Lets look over some ideas together shall we?

  • Bring some grasses into the home. Grass sprays can be used in multiple ways to add a color

accent that can create a fresh accent to the family dwelling.

  • Don't be afraid of color. Color is something that a lot of homeowners are afraid of ,but once add to the design can add a huge impact.

  • The small details are important. Placing small shelves on walls with little accents or add images in obscure placements. These ideas alone can be just the ticket to bring your design to the next level.

Please Let me know and post pictures of some of you all's beachy home ideas!

Lauren Jenkins

Interior Design Student

Liberty University 18'

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