My Last Semester In Lynchburg VA

Dear Readers,

I have came to my first week of school for the Spring 2017 semester, with that comes a milestone, my last semester as a on-campus student. I am getting married in a few months and it is time to move on to my new life in Virginia Beach. I look forward to sharing with y'all as I embark on this journey and all the obstacles that come with it. As my readers, you all have followed me since 2014 when I first started as a student here at Liberty University and I thank y'all for your dedication.

This is not the end of Lauren Ashley Designs, after Liberty I have bigger and better plans for my website! (Which will be revealed on a later date) God has given such a great opportunity to be part of an amazing, flexible school that is willing to do what is best for the plan GOD has set before me.

Next semester I will have more availability and I will be moving to Virginia Beach so if you are in the area please fill free to fill out the Contact Me so we can get the process moving on your new design!

Now we will take a look back on my years here in Lynchburg, VA

For more of my memories and ones that are yet to be made follow me on Instagram!

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