Furniture Shopping List on a Small Budget

Dear Readers,

Today I would like to share some tips and tricks of how me and my fiance have managed our budget and furnished our apartment for under $2000!

I know to all you newlyweds out there it may seem impossible to get "the look". When you are spending so much money on your once in a lifetime day it is hard to think about the home you will go to after the party is over. Well I am here to help!!

1. Evaluate the Right Budget for You AND Your Future Spouse

This can be difficult. If you are like me you want what you want and it is hard to let go of that dream. However, YOU'RE A NEWLYWED, the time will come when you'll be able to afford all the Scandinavian style lamps that you hold so dear(talking from experience). If you can afford it now, well good for you! Awesome! Here is the thing, everyone has a different budget, our's just so happened to be under $2000.

2. Begin to Make a "Have to HAVE" List

For me the " have to HAVE " list was a bed, couch, and dining table. The " have to HAVE " list is things you and your future hubby can not live without! We found some super cheap finds when lookin for our list on

Our Sofa

I fell in love with this sofa when I first saw it. Personally, I favor Scandinavian style furniture. However, I cannot afford any of the modern sofas that I just dream of having. This sofa from is a great alternative. In addition to stylish, clean lines, it offers storage underneath which is great for apartments where minimal storage is available. This little sofa will be perfect for movie nights on Friday nights or having friends over for watching hockey games.


Okay... can I be honest for a second? I did not get the privilege of choosing our bed.. my fiance bought it and I wasn't aware. #interiordesignproblems Anyways, lets say I were to choose the bed this would be a definite contender!

Dining Table

Dining tables can often be so expensive! Especially when it comes to modern design. This Eames style table is the perfect fit for a young couple on a budget.

3. Move on to the "Fill in" Items

Now that you and your future spouse(or whom ever you are moving in with) have surpassed the "discussions" on what color or style couch to get; we can move on to what "fill in" items to include into the home. Ask questions between each other like;

  • What furniture items can you not live without? Side tables, shelving etc.,

  • Can you compromise your style for budget?

  • Is there any family members that are willing to give you some "fill in " items ?

4. Stop and Smell the Roses

Look around you, now have a beautiful home!! It is yours! Take pride in what you have accomplished within a reasonable budget. You have achieved a beautiful home.

Comment with any questions!!


Lauren Jenkins

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