Let's Get Outdoors: Summer Decor Made Easy for your Home

It's June y'all!! Can you believe it? Time has flown!!

Today, I am showing you some of my favorite designer outdoor projects! If these images inspire you, please don't hesitate to contact me about any design inquiries.

1. Brick Farmhouse from : Pencil & Paper Co.

If I could design myself the perfect patio, this would be it! The clean cut lines and tones of this welcoming exterior space is breathtaking. On those days where you feel like just relaxing, this is the perfect spot!

2. Outdoor Patio by: Leah Bailey

When I saw this on Pinterest, I was in awe of how much the design would look perfect on the patio of some of the Victorian-Colonial Revival homes here in Mount Airy, NC. The Victorian homes around NC, SC, and GA often have the large porches classic to that time period. When designing your home, placing a large floating bed is ideal. Placing a floating bed creates a place for guest to rest, relax, and congregate. The floating bed used in this home is a lovely mix of colonial and modern touches.

This June, here in North Carolina, the days have been hot and breezy. It truly has been the beginning of summer; bright sunshine and bright, clean colors. Summer is what outdoor spaces are designed for; to take you away from home without the "away" part. Often times we don't have the money for a vacation. Why not read a good book or take the family outside and enjoy what God has gave you in your own back yard?!

Please contact me if you are looking to create your new outdoor space!


Lauren Ashley

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