It's that time of Year: Switching from a Ms. to a Mrs.

This is to all the June brides out there, including my beautiful sister Leslie Stouffer! CONGRATULATIONS! It's exactly a month until my wedding and it's been 10 days since my sisters... boy am I in a wedding mood!

Weddings are so much fun! Getting together with family and friends to celebrate is such a joy. My sister's wedding was even more fun then everyone expected! Below are some pictures of the event :

What a beautiful bride my sister was. Standing by her side while she married her best friend was such an honor, that I will never forget.

In the midst of helping plan her wedding, I realized that wedding planning is STRESSFUL!

You may be like I am and it's only weeks away from your wedding! Well today I would like to let you in on a few things that my family has done to keep everything somewhat calm.

1. Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help!

Whether it is hiring a wedding planner, day planner, or just letting family jump in. It is essential to ask for help! Now, it is definitely cheaper to let family help, however, if your family is not gifted in the crafty area I HIGHLY suggest a wedding planner or day planner. My sister and I are blessed, thank God, with an artsy family. I guess creativity runs in the family. :)

Please contact me for some referrals to some lovely ladies that could help you plan your wedding day!


To cut the cost and help your ease of mind RENT as many items as possible! A wonderful woman here locally in North Carolina owns a Business called, Rusted Root Rentals, you can find all her products on Facebook. She has a broad collection, where I am sure you will be able to find just the items you need to complete your special day.

3. Keep Organized

Having a personal planner and a separate wedding planner is a MUST! My favorite planners are ME and My BIG IDEAS planner.

They have wedding inserts that you can add to your happy planner however, I was not a fan of those. My mother used a printable to make the planner for my sisters and mine, it worked FABULOUSLY! It is $20 but it is well worth it! From the moment you say,"yes" til the moment you say,"I do" everything is in there!

Click Here to buy:

If you're not into keeping up with a planner, WeddingWire, has an awesome app. To be honest, I use this on top of the planner.

This app is easy to use and it has a countdown to get you even more excited for your big day!! It can be a little daunting all the things I have "overdue" right now... but it'll work out.

Download the FREE app here:

Okay well those are my 3 little tips for saving your sanity and money on your wedding! I have way more, so contact me today if you have any questions!


Lauren Ashley

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