Pantone 2017 Color Kitchen | Navy Peony

Fall 2017 is fast approaching. Interior Designers are taking a new look at what the kitchen may look like for the upcoming Fall. Pantone has named their Fall 2017 colors and one of theme is Navy Peony. You might be surprised to learn that the perfect place for this color is in the kitchen.

Above is an example of how Navy Peony is used beautifully as a statement on the island. Otherwise, this kitchen would have been a cold white room but with this additional element of surprise, your eyes immediately trigger a warmer tone.

The photo above displays about every new Fall 2017 trend. First off, back to Navy Peony, these shaker style cabinets are beautifully painted with the color and adorned with gold pulls. The marble back splash truly brings the new black range trend together seamlessly. As apposed to the long living stainless steel, the black range adds depth to the room.

If you're not able to go all in with a kitchen renovation, what about adding kitchen accessories or appliances? Changing the color of your decor in your kitchen can make a huge impact without the dedication. You can easily switch out items each season to stay up to date with the latest trends!

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Back splash...yes, don't be afraid of those darker tones as a statement piece for your kitchen. Adding this back splash to your kitchen(especially if its a large or oblong kitchen) can do a great job of creating a stopping part for your eyes.

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Lauren Brantley

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