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Hello All!

How many of you were hit by the bomb cyclone? My husband and I were down here in Chesapeake! Can you believe it we got 8"-10"!! If you were hit, how many inches did you get?

The snow is still lingering here and as I sit here I was thinking about how easy it is beautify your home with white. So today I would like to go through the a few different shades of white and how to utilize them in your home.

Different Shades of White

All colors can be found where Benjamin Moore Products are sold

Cotton Balls-

Is a ever so slightly off white color. Adding this shade of white to your room will surely brighten it but give it that Joanna Gaines feel. Accent this color with darker metals and earth tones to finish the look.

See this beautiful interior photoshoot by Paul at Unsplash, for examples on how to accent your home with Cotton Balls paint color. (His cat's got style)

Lily of the Valley-

This linen white is great for a kitchen or a living room with tons of built-ins where you can use pure white to accent it. Having these two shads of white marry each other in one room is breathtaking.

Simply White-

"Simply White" well tells its shade by the name... It's simply white!

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Dreamy Cloud-

this shad has some gray tones to the color. You could use this color anywhere from furniture refurbishing to molding. Currently, any color with even hints of grey gives you license to put it almost anywhere.

White Opulence-

Brings a rich and Tuscan feel to white. If you want the brightness of white but don't want sacrifice the depth and warmth of the rest of your home, White Opulence is the color for you.

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All the shades of white mentioned above can be used in various ways some of which I mentioned already. Not into painting? Still need ways to soften the tones in your home?

Check out these products below that add a simple touch to your home.

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