Paint Colors to Sell Your Home in 2018

Selling your home in 2018? Well do not worry about the weary task of the going through the hundreds of paint colors at the paint store.

Anxiety does not have to be apart of the process of selling your beautiful home. To make things a little bit easier.... lets go over some of the top colors that are trending now in real estate.

Even if your home is not "new"( new is usually defined as a home younger than 5 years) you can freshen the up and easily make the interior look updated by painting. Painting is a quick fix, that with the right paint colors, you are sure to receive a full 100% back on your investment.

Before you start any painting, remove that old wallpaper, and the dark or beige paint dragging your walls down. Wallpaper and dark tones is not appealing to buyers and it also makes your home look smaller. If you already are trying to sell a small bungalow it may not be a good idea to keep the beige colors that are from a remodel 5-10 years ago.

Okay, old wallpaper has been removed and paint from 5-10 years ago has been its time to PAINT!

Ceilings: A clean crisp white is the perfect choice for your ceiling! Don't stray away from this color choice... it'll come back to bite you in the end.

Molding & Doors: Same as the ceiling, stick with white! I know that sounds like a lot of white, however the buyer wants a clean start! Showing the buyer that your home is new and clean looking is essential!

Main Walls: In 2018, Grey is the new Beige! You can use grey to maximize your space without having to teardown walls. The bright and new looking space is sure to impress buyers.

Here are a few of my Wall Paint recommendations.


Winter Grey

London Fog

All Paints can be found where Benjamin Moore paints are Sold.

If you are bold enough to attempt an accent wall while trying to sell your home try something appealing to the eye.

Here are a few ideas:

Thank you so much for ready y'all! I hope these easy tips help y'all sell your home fast!

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Lauren Brantley

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