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Today we are going to feature one of my favorite designs! This couple was such a joy to work with. We designed their bedroom in a Scandinavian style. Her modern minimalistic new home gave me a clean slate to work with. The client had already purchased the bed from cb2. I was able to find furniture that matched. See below for the side tables and Eames Chair. Also, See below tips on how to find furniture that matches what you already have! I have to say the Eames chair is my favorite furniture design of all time. The use of continuous lines to create such a classic chair has always intrigued me.

How to find furniture that matches what you already have!

We all have that problem from time to time like my client did; we buy furniture or already have furniture and want to find new items that match but don't know where to start. If you are in that position my client was in, here are some tips for you!

Designer Tip Number One.

Check the specifications of the product you are looking at online.

If you know what type of wood or material the item is made of an easy way to find items is by that material. Always check the specifications on the vendor's website for details regarding the materials. In the case of my client, I had a walnut bed. I made sure that I chose all walnut furniture to create a cohesive feel throughout the room.

Designer Tip Number Two.

When all else fails go with a neutral painted item.

When a client doesn't have the information of where they got the item they'd like to keep, it's completely okay!! Why? because there is always neutrals! My go-to color palette for furniture is black, white, and grey. Why do I choose these colors? because they go with EVERYTHING! Even if you have a couple of wooden pieces that don't match; like let us say you have a birch chair( like the one above) and a couch with walnut legs, NO WORRIES! All you have to do to fix this is add a neutral colored table or another furniture piece to complete the room.

Designer Tip Number Three.

Just go with the flow.

Embrace it!! Throw in some amazing accessories and plants, love your natural look! Different wood tones and color palettes, when done right, look amazing. Just never stray away from your overall feel of the room. As seen in the picture above, they were able to create a cohesive space with multiple different styles and materials throughout the room.

I hope you enjoyed our E-Design spotlight and Designer Tips! I look forward to posting more in the future!

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