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4 Benefits of Data Visualization for Interior Designers by Elena Stewart

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As an interior designer, you’re already aware of just how crucial visual representations are when planning out projects with clients. But data visualization serves a wide range of purposes for interior design firms that go beyond showing renderings to clients. If you’re interested in learning more about great tools for your design business, check out the Lauren Ashley Design blog! In the meantime, here are a few reasons why data visualization is crucial for interior designers.

Space Planning

Data visualization can encompass several concepts – Domo states that it generally refers to charts, graphs, and dashboards that communicate statistics, trends, and patterns in the business.

In interior design, data visualization is at the forefront during the space planning phase of a project. Space planning and rendering for interiors are far more technical than simply putting together a vision board – you need to integrate specific data about the space’s square footage, vertical space, foot traffic and circulation, and measurements for the client’s proposed ideas regarding furnishing, decorating, or remodeling the space. Creating accurate, aesthetically pleasing data visualizations is the key to kicking off a successful project and ensuring that you and your client are on the same page.

Smarter Decision Making

When it comes to marketing your design services, figuring out which projects to highlight, and determining customer and investor preferences, you need data. You can collect data from various software programs, giving you insight into your customers’ preferences, behaviors, and demographics. Through data visualization, you can easily illustrate these statistics and craft personalized marketing campaigns.

Data visualization isn’t just helpful for project management and marketing – it can also help you improve your internal operations at your interior design firm. By gathering data from the software you use to manage key workflows and processes, you can determine where you need to remedy issues. You can create visual representations of this data to communicate these problems and potential solutions to your team. Overall, you’ll be able to streamline your operations while reducing unnecessary risks.

Sharing and Presenting Data

Data visualization is perhaps most useful when you need to present complex information to other people involved with your projects, including employees, customers, or investors. By creating eye-catching PDFs, you can easily share your findings in a memorable way. And if you have lots of charts and graphics to share, you can organize all of your visuals in one file by using an online tool to add more pages to a PDF document. With a tool like this, you’ll be able to delete, rearrange, and even rotate individual pages.

When you’re getting ready to share data, it’s important to choose the right visual form. Insight Software recommends using bar charts to illustrate comparisons between categories, line charts to show continuous data over periods of time, pie charts to contrast parts against a whole, and basic tabular formats to show figures with exact quantities.

Helpful Tools

You might already be using tools that collect and analyze data for you, such as customer relationship management software or social media dashboards. As an interior designer, you also need to invest in the right applications to produce 3D renderings and 2D floor plans. A great interior design software program will allow you to create photorealistic designs, giving yourself and your clients a clear picture of the finished product.

Data visualization is indispensable for businesses across all sectors. For interior designers, data visualization can make it easier to convey ideas and concepts to clients, market your firm effectively, and optimize your internal processes. With these tips, you’ll be able to utilize data visualization to improve every aspect of your business.

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I appreciate Elena for taking the time to write this informative blog post for our blog! Please take the time to visit her website and learn more about her services!

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