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50 DIY Fall Decor Ideas to Warm Up Your Home

Fall is the perfect time to embrace your creativity and add a touch of warmth and coziness to your home. If you’re looking for some inspiration to decorate your space this season, look no further! We’ve rounded up 50 amazing DIY fall decor ideas from talented bloggers that will help you transform your home into a cozy autumn retreat.

  1. DIY Fall Harvest Corn Mason Jar Craft Transform ordinary mason jars into charming fall decor pieces inspired by the harvest season.

  2. Pool Noodle Craft: DIY Decor Pumpkins Upcycle pool noodles into adorable pumpkins that add a playful touch to your fall decorations.

  3. DIY Wooden Pumpkins Create rustic wooden pumpkins to bring a touch of farmhouse charm to your autumn decor.

  4. DIY Upcycled Tin Can Pumpkins Turn old tin cans into stylish pumpkin decorations with a bit of creativity and paint.

  5. Handprint Fall Tree Get the kids involved with this adorable handprint fall tree craft that captures the essence of the season.

  6. DIY Pine Cones and Pumpkins Fall Decor Combine pine cones and miniature pumpkins for a simple yet elegant fall centerpiece.

  7. Mason Jar Luminary Leaf Centerpieces Illuminate your space with these enchanting mason jar luminaries adorned with fall leaves.

  8. Rustic Fall Sign Add a touch of rustic charm to your home with this beautiful DIY fall sign.

  9. How to Make a Flower Wreath DIY for Less Than $5 Create a vibrant fall wreath using affordable artificial flowers and a bit of creativity.

  10. How to Make an Air Dry Clay Leaf Dish Craft delicate leaf-shaped dishes using air dry clay for a unique fall decor piece.

  11. Simple Fall DIY Dining Table Centerpiece Idea Elevate your dining table with this elegant and straightforward fall centerpiece idea.

  12. DIY Fall Floral Arrangement on a Tiered Tray (Done Two Ways) Get creative with a tiered tray and craft two distinct fall floral arrangements for a stunning display.

  13. 5 Ways to Use Dried Wheat in Your Fall Decor Explore various ways to incorporate dried wheat into your fall decorations for a natural and rustic look.

  14. Upcycled Glitter Autumn Leaf Craft for Fall Decor Add a touch of sparkle to your fall decor with these upcycled glittered autumn leaves.

  15. DIY Fall Decor: Sweater Pumpkin Repurpose old sweaters into cozy and adorable pumpkin decorations for a warm autumn atmosphere.

  16. DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Vase Create an elegant pumpkin vase using affordable Dollar Tree supplies to showcase your favorite fall flowers.

  17. DIY Fall Farmhouse Book Stack Craft a rustic farmhouse-inspired book stack with fall-themed embellishments for a charming display.

  18. Fall Succulent Topped Pumpkin Centerpieces Combine the beauty of succulents with pumpkins to create eye-catching and elegant centerpieces.

  19. Pumpkin Centerpiece with Burlap Wrapped Candles Enhance the cozy ambiance of your home with this pumpkin centerpiece featuring burlap-wrapped candles.

  20. DIY Candy Corn Decor with Pine Cones Transform pine cones into playful candy corn-inspired decorations for a festive fall touch.

  21. Fab Fall Door Hanger with Dollar Tree Supplies Welcome guests with a fabulous fall door hanger made from budget-friendly Dollar Tree supplies.

  22. Acorn Craft Get creative with acorns and craft unique decorative pieces inspired by nature.

  23. Milk Can Decor Repurpose old milk cans into charming fall decor items for a touch of farmhouse style.

  24. Painted Faux Pumpkins Give artificial pumpkins a stylish makeover with your favorite paint colors and creative designs.

  25. DIY Fall Leaf Basket Bowl Craft a beautiful leaf-shaped basket bowl using faux leaves for a stunning fall centerpiece.

  26. Map Leaf Wreath Create a unique wreath using vintage maps and artificial leaves, adding a touch of creativity to your fall decor.

  27. Acorn DIY Sweater Pillows Repurpose old sweaters into cozy acorn-shaped pillows for a comfy and stylish fall addition to your home.

  28. Cannabis Fall Centerpiece Explore a unique fall centerpiece idea featuring cannabis leaves for an unconventional touch.

  29. Felt Acorn Napkin Ring for Fall and Thanksgiving Add a touch of whimsy to your fall table setting with these adorable felt acorn napkin rings.

  30. DIY Disney Halloween Decorations Celebrate fall and Halloween with these fun and creative DIY Disney-themed decorations.

  31. Pumpkin Door Knob Hanger Welcome guests with a delightful pumpkin door knob hanger that adds a touch of fall charm to your entryway.

  32. Rustic Fall Centerpiece Create a rustic fall centerpiece using natural elements like pine cones, leaves, and twigs for a cozy autumn vibe.

  33. Shabby Chic Autumn Wreath Craft a shabby chic-inspired autumn wreath using fabric scraps and artificial flowers for a vintage touch.

  34. Floral Fall Mantel Decorate your mantel with a burst of fall colors using artificial flowers, pumpkins, and other seasonal accents.

  35. Fall Pumpkin Porch Decor Welcome guests with a charming fall porch decor featuring pumpkins, gourds, and beautiful autumn foliage.

  36. How to Create a Fall Centerpiece Learn how to design a stunning fall centerpiece using a mix of natural and artificial elements for a beautiful focal point.

  37. How to Decorate a Hall Bench for Fall Add a touch of fall to your hallway with a decorated bench featuring pumpkins, leaves, and cozy blankets.

  38. Front Entry Fall Decor + Free Fall Print Decorate your front entry with fall-themed items and download a free fall print for an extra touch of seasonal charm.

  39. How to Make a Fall Hoop Wreath Craft a chic hoop wreath using fall foliage, pine cones, and other natural elements for a trendy and stylish look.

  40. Cheap and Easy Reversible Wooden Decorations Create versatile reversible wooden decorations featuring fall and winter themes for easy seasonal transitions.

  41. DIY Pumpkin Wood Sign with Free SVG File Make a charming pumpkin wood sign using a free SVG file and your favorite fall colors for a personalized touch.

  42. Stenciled Fall Words Sign Get creative with stencils to create a beautiful fall words sign that adds warmth to your home decor.

  43. DIY Fall Paper Leaf Garland Craft a lovely paper leaf garland using fall-colored cardstock for a delicate and festive decoration.

  44. Toddler DIY Fall Wreath with Air Dry Clay Recipe Involve your little ones in creating a cute fall wreath using air dry clay and their artistic flair.

  45. Dollar Tree Fall Pumpkin Patch Wreath Make a budget-friendly fall wreath using supplies from the Dollar Tree, featuring adorable pumpkins for a festive touch.

  46. DIY Yarn Pumpkins Craft cozy yarn pumpkins in various sizes and colors to create a warm and inviting fall atmosphere.

  47. Easy Almost-Free DIY Acorn Tree Fall Decor Create a stunning acorn tree decoration using simple materials for a budget-friendly fall accent.

  48. Easy DIY Neutral Rag Wreath Craft a neutral rag wreath using fabric scraps in natural tones for a subtle and elegant fall decoration.

  49. Genius No-Sew Hand Towel Wall Hanging Easter Craft Repurpose hand towels into a practical and stylish wall hanging, perfect for adding a touch of fall to your kitchen or bathroom.

  50. DIY Dollar Tree Lantern Create a chic lantern using Dollar Tree supplies for a budget-friendly and stylish fall decor piece.

  51. DIY Leaf Candle Holder Craft elegant leaf-shaped candle holders using natural leaves and Mod Podge for a charming fall ambiance.

  52. DIY Bottle Vase Turn old bottles into stylish vases with this creative DIY project, perfect for displaying fall flowers and foliage.

  53. DIY Fall Decor Video Tutorial Watch this helpful video tutorial for additional inspiration on creating beautiful fall decor items for your home.

These DIY fall decor ideas offer a wide range of creative options to suit every style and budget. Whether you prefer rustic farmhouse accents or chic and elegant designs, these projects will help you embrace the beauty of fall and infuse your home with the warmth of the season. Happy crafting!

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