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Alternatives to Gathering this Christmas with Jacqueline Scott from Krazy Essentials

Hello all! As you all know, I love having guests at Lauren Ashley Design to give us their take on entertaining. This week we will be hearing from Jacqueline Scott of Krazy Essentials about entertaining this holiday season! Make her feel welcome, and please check out her company!


It’s the holiday season! And while that means different things for different people, it means time with family and friends. And even though this year, more than likely, gatherings will be smaller, we still have the same age-old question: Can I fit everybody in my house?! Followed by: do I need decorations? The answers are yes you can, and yes, you do! And we’re here to help!

We can’t stress this enough! Don’t get distracted stringing twinkle lights and avoid the main event…your table. Anxiety will rise when your setting for two suddenly needs to become a setting for six. Might we suggest an elegant folding table? You can replace your cozy table for the evening or give it a little extension. If you’re interested in extending, make sure you measure your current table, so your folding table(s) line up perfectly. You can then add a tablecloth (or two), making an amazing uniformed serving area for the evening. This can all be done quickly and in a budget-friendly way. We suggest Amazon, Walmart, or your local price club. They always foldable tables in stock.

If you want to break out the fine china, then, by all means, go for it. You still can use some disposable items to upgrade your dishware, giving you a beautiful look you want.

We know you don’t want to do the dishes. However, it would behoove you to remember that not all disposable cutlery is created equal. Instead of settling for flimsy paper, treat yourself and your guests to some luxurious, finely crafted, very classy plastic. Trust us; you’ll waste more time doubling up thin paper plates than if you will purchase some sturdy dinnerware. You can get eco-friendly matching sets complete with runners and table cloths and end your night almost as early as your guests! While you’re on Amazon, check out some amazing choices.

Finally, A glorious centerpiece is a thing to behold, but it can also become a thing of disaster. In close quarters you want to make sure that you don’t overcrowd your settings. Beautiful simplicity is the key. And while candles are always are a good time, we suggest some low lights and wax melts. The same ambiance and the perfect aroma, less chance of making a huge mess.

We hope this helped and wish you and your entire family ,a thrilled healthy holiday season!

Jacqueline Scott is a Blogger for Krazy Essentials. Check out their website for other home and beauty goodies:

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