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Hello all! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend with your family and maybe a few friends. Today we are going to do a little something different. Let's talk about my friend, Rachel Beemen (you may remember her from her previous guest post) new ebook, Blah to Beautiful: A Helpful Guide to Decorating Your Home!

What I love about Rachel is she is so genuine and passionate about DIY and making the space you've been blessed to have a home. Guys, you can feel that passion throughout this book.

A little more about Rachel:

Soooo, you know my name and what I look like so well, what else? Well, I’m a wife to my husband of eight years, Peter, and mom to two rambunctious kids, Titus and Elianna.  Aren’t they cute?

I was a guest on the podcast “Cozy Minimalism” By Angie where I talked about my cleaning schedule and how to get one yourself. It was such a fun experience to chat with Angie

In 2015, we moved from our tiny apartment into our first and current house. To say its a fixer-upper could be an understatement. Between nasty carpets to bad pipes, we needed to get to work. Is our house totally done and exactly the way we want it? Well, no. Over the years we have begun to turn it into something we love, or something that is an improvement at least. So come on over,( I’ll put on a pot of coffee (or use my Keurig) and let me show you some before and afters, DIYs, and the walls I’m decorating. 

She is such an amazing gal! The beautiful part about it all is she has taken her experience in bringing to life her home that once, in her own words reflected the hardships she was going through and made it a place of joy and peace. That is what design is about, isn't it? Healing and expressing your feelings through your home.

In the Book:

What I love about this book is how helpful it is for DIYers or beginners that just honestly have no idea where to start. Rachel has broken everything down that she went through when redecorating her home and gave you the tools to start!

Function + style = suburb decorating

She believes like me when we say that function is the key to decorating. You can see that in her home and throughout this book that her passion for making sure her home is not just an attractive space but functional for her kids.

My favorite quote from the book is this :

Your home is just that. YOURS, and your rooms in your home should be serving you in a way that is helpful to your lifestyle.

This quote can transcend to diyer-professionals. No matter what stage of the decorating process you are in as well. Each piece should be functional to your lifestyle.

Beginners questions answered

On my facebook groups and different social media platforms, I am apart of I get a lot of questions that Rachel has beautifully addressed. Especially the point about using the furniture you already have (that may or may not match). Her tips about using the 60/30/10 rule is easily explained with her helpful documents included in the ebook!

Who would I recommend this book to?

I would highly recommend this book to a new homeowner, or soon to be homeowner (or renter) that needs some excellent tips to help you get those projects started. In the book, you will find tips that will get your mind stirring! Just what you need to start!

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