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Christmas Rendered 2021 | Bedroom & Bathroom | The Grinch

Hello Everyone, I can’t believe we are already more than halfway through the Christmas Rendered Home! After the Bedroom and Bathroom, there is only one room left!! Our Suprise Room!! Stick around this for the fun announcement about how that will be. I will announce it during the VR Tour so be sure to register so you are the first to see what the room will be.

Okay, let’s get started with today’s room reveal – The bedroom and bathroom. Deciding to do a smaller apartment this year enabled me the ability to do so much more with the rendering and design aspect of Christmas Rendered. For instance, in the bedroom, you will find custom wallpaper that I created and in the bathroom, you’ll a unique pairing of empress green marble and 2 x 9 porcelain tile. These designer touches were not made lightly but made through a design process like all designers go through with care and consideration for the client. Even though this home is conceptual in nature, I take pride in all my conceptual designs knowing that they could be real-life designs.

The Bedroom

For the bedroom, I wanted to emphasize what I have created as my client, the Grinch, specifically the millennial Grinch. When I create conceptual Ideal clients I don’t just dream them up, I think deeply… studying where they work, who their family is, what are their hobbies?

With the Millennial Grinch, I see a man that is on his path to success. His old family home, Mount Crumpit, had become inhabitable after a terrible blizzard that rocked the mountain, and was forced to build his own home a little further down. When he isn’t running his recycling engineering company he loves to read, write, and paint all of which help him deal with his inherited anger issues. No one will ever convince him that there is a better color than green and Christmas?… well forget about it. The Millennial Grinch Client

Not only is green the Grinch’s favorite color but green is one of the top colors for 2022. Green is a color that helps you feel calm and warm. Maybe not the reaction when you first see that grinch but possibly try some more subtle shades of green in your own home as we have done here in the Grinches. The entire bedroom is one shade of Vintage Green by Dulux. With the exception of the wallpaper which is painted over with the same color.

Utilizing wood, velvet, and brass throughout the room helps balance the space. Mixing textures that are in the same color family is most likely going to be my top go-to moving into 2022.

In this room, we incorporated Carolina Pipe Creations handcrafted Antler Lamp found at Granny Clampetts (Seen Below).

Let’s Take a Look!

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are probably one of my favorite spaces to design. Can I be upfront and honest? I have been dying to put black and white tile in one all year long! I would say in this bathroom some of my favorite things are in here, from the black and white tile to the ceiling-mounted mirrors and then the floating vanity – in my eyes, this baby is a winner. The entire bathroom is covered in empress green marble halfway; then above 2 x 9 Porcelain Subway tiles. The ultimate goal of this bathroom however was to make sure that the Grinch would have a place to relax and be able to see Mount Crumpit from all points. This was accomplished by placing an oversized tempered glass window wall where the shower is. A dream place to relax and shower.

Long layout bathrooms are a tough challenge, I took some space from the closet area in the bedroom and made that the toilet closet. By removing the toilet you not only make the room more appealing but spacious.

A soaker tub with tempered window neighbors the shower for additional space to relax under the moon sky.

Let’s Take a Look!

Throughout each of these spaces, you will find items that have been modeled by me from our selected Small Businesses. Take a look at the small business featured below

My father, Joseph Jenkins, is the owner of Granny Clampetts. He has spent his whole life in the retail industry but his true love is curating timeless pieces that need a second life. After his career in retail came to a close He turned his passion into a new jump-start, opening Granny Clampett’s.

Steve Smith is my fun-loving uncle who just happens to be quite the artist. I guess one would say my whole family is artistic in some way or the other. However, Steve has always been able to craft beautiful furniture pieces from rustic materials. Currently, Steve is using pipes to create amazing furniture that I have in my own home.

You can purchase his pieces or contact Granny Clampetts

Register and Stay tuned for the LIVE WALKTHROUGH!

Thank you for joining me for this reveal that is just another continuation of our CHRISTMAS RENDERED EVENT

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