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Christmas Rendered 2021 | Sitting Room | The Grinch

First I want to start this blog off by saying welcome to Christmas Rendered! If you’re new here, please take a look around and see what all is happening… there are giveaways! Check out the previous blog post for more!

Today we are going to talk about the sitting room right off the kitchen. This is a unique room, not one you would typically see in all homes. When I created this room I was thinking about a quiet space where the grinch could go for the evening and enjoy the view of Mount Crumpet. Even though the Grinch isn’t much for entertaining, the sitting room is the perfect spot to entertain a small number of guests after lunch or for a quick brunch. During the holidays this year, we have seen a lot smaller gatherings due to the pandemic and I believe you will see adjacent sitting areas to the kitchen as opposed to dining areas. A sitting area allows for an open, yet cozy space to invite guests and allows you to place the dining room in an open space where the larger party can dine keeping everything safe during holiday gatherings.

The Sitting Room

The Design Process

When I started designing the sitting room, I wanted to create a space that had storage for beverages, snacks, or anything one would need for entertaining along with a small area to sit. I accomplished this by placing custom cabinetry to the left of the space with an oversized window and to the right, you will see a small seating arrangement.

For the finishes, I chose ones that reminded me of the dense yet cozy surroundings of the cave. First I chose the paint and countertops. For the paint, I chose(which will be the same paint throughout the home) Benjamin Moore Onyx (2133-10). For the countertops I chose from one of my favorite brands, Cambria, Mammoth Cave, which I believe is not just fitting because of its name, the color and grains throughout the stone are a gorgeous pairing with the textures surrounding the home.

Digital Flay Lay

The rendered flat lay for the room helps you get an idea as to how all the finishes will work together within the rendered space.

Let’s Take a Look!

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Thank you for joining me for this reveal that is just another continuation of our CHRISTMAS RENDERED EVENT

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We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

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“I don’t need anything more for Christmas than this right here. My family.” — Lou Lou Who

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