Design How to | Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Design

Hello you guys! My mother bought me Niki Brantmark's book "The Scandinavian Home" for mothers day. I got to tell you guys I was was so inspired! Here style within this book and her overall aesthetic is just breathtaking, I highly recommend!

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After being so inspired by reading the book, my design muscles felt flexed and inspired by all the beautiful works highlighted throughout the book. I decided to bring you guys a bedroom design with a little Scandi influence.

The bedroom is probably the most common room clients reach out for interior design services, next to the living room. The bedroom is the foundation of your home. It is the beginning of your morning and the end of each day. So why wouldn't you want it to be the most relaxing space in your home? Of course, you would!

When it comes time for you to rethink your bedroom design you might be in different stages, each of us are. So let's examine the key qualities of a peaceful, relaxing bedroom.

Design How to | Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Design

1. Start with your Foundation

What is the center of your bedroom, the place where you want to come at the end of the day? Your bed of course? So it is important to make sure that that bed encompasses the style and look you are going for throughout the space. Invest in the perfect bed to make your bedroom that cozy space for you to enjoy.

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Designers Choice : When I choose my favorite style bed I look at the lines and tone of the wood (if not upholstered). I personally love a mid-century inspired look for my bed, as you can see above. Mid-century design influences a lot of my design choices. In Scandinavian design, I think it is important to recognize the continuous s pairs that make both design styles marry perfectly.

2. Create a YOU spot

Especially nowadays don't we all just need a little time for ourselves? Well, you can make that time for yourself in your bedroom. Set up a vanity area where you can have your "you" time to get dressed for the day or make a reading nook in the corner of the room to relax midday while the kids play with friends.

Designer Hint: Make sure your reading nook is near a window that is bright and airy. Also, don't forget to place your favorite reading nook and pouf near your chair! Never know when your afternoon reading time might turn into an afternoon nap!

3. Use texture and Mixed Metals

Utilize texture and mixed metals throughout the space to emphasize a cozy atmosphere. Instead of the typical picture frame, maybe add a touch of brass. You wouldn't think this makes the room feel warmer but combined with earth tones the brass actually bounces off the wood and other textures in the space.

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Design How to | Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Design

4. Bring the outdoors in

Like I always say, I encourage you all to bring in a plant or two, maybe three into your home! As you can see above bring these plants in really helped make the bedroom feel as though it was part of the beautiful patio.

Designer Tip: If you know that you don't have a "green thumb" don't be afraid of faux plants! There is some really great quality faux for a great price! Plus, you never have to worry about keeping them alive!

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