Design Trend Spotlight : Organic Modernism

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to bring to you guys the design trend that has captured my heart and I am sure it will capture yours!

Organic Modernism is a style that is a simplistic design style that brings together the use of midcentury design and natural textures to bring a warm/modern design to your home. I have put together an entire home full of Organic Modernism style I cannot wait to share with you guys! The result is a welcoming, warm yet modern space that enables your guest to feel invited on in.

This home is a high rise apartment 2 bedroom 2 bath with a gorgeous office. I won't be highlighting the entire home today. However, I will be spotlighting the 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Throughout the home, you can see a consistent style of modern simplicity that was captured through the use of earth tones and clean lines. The use of warm lights and textures throughout the space only accent the organic feel of the home to give you that cozy feel.

Let's get started!

Living room

I love bringing in some earth tones into modern spaces. With organic modernism, you want to make sure not to overtake a space with those other tones to make sure that the space is still light and airy. Keeping the furniture light and the walls as the focus kept this room in the organic look we were after.


The different wood tones and brass accents in this kitchen give me chills. The key to making this kitchen a success even with using the different metals and woods is the minimalistic cabinet facing and use of a waterfall edge that creates a continuous blend throughout the room.


Now you will notice in these bathrooms that they are very simple, no fuss. I keep them that way because when I think of a minimalistic bathroom I want it to be a place where you can easily keep it clean and it encourages the lifestyle of minimalism. You see lots of white and not so much of those earth tones, like the rest of the home. This is more of my own personal taste. For a bathroom, I always suggest keeping it as white as possible. Keeping the space white will always encourage a sense of cleanness in the space where you want to feel that the most in your home.


Can I just say I am in love with this guest bedroom?

Yes, the cat to the left describes my feelings.

Again we used soft textures with natural wood tones to create a minimalistic look that your guest won't want to leave!

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PS. all of these are 3D renderings!!WHAT? Yes all the images used in this post are 3D Renderings! I use 4K rendering so you can see your home in photorealistic design!

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