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Design Trend Spotlight : Pattern Mixing + Minimalistic Design

Hello, Y’all! Today I want to continue with our minimalistic design mindset but with this design, I decided to go with a little twist. With a minimalistic design, people often chose to go strictly to minimal texture and pattern. However, for this bedroom, I pushed the envelope a little bit. For this design, you will see above and below in the gallery, that in the airy space I was able to mix patterns by keeping the minimalistic look.

To accomplish this look we keep the color tone the same throughout the space. Mixing patterns and texture can remain minimalistic if you keep the same color tone. For this room, we stuck with a monochromatic color scheme allowing the textures to take the stage. As you can see below, the colors throughout the room do not waver much in tone.

Our base tone is a off white that pulls from the marble accent wall behind the bed. Maintaining the base tone throughout the room is key when brining in those textures and patterns. Contact me today for a Color Selection Service

As you can see we were able to use the windowpane swivel chair and cowhide rug successfully together by staying within that color palette we mentioned previously. Being confident in your minimalistic color scheme will allow you to have freedom in your texture and pattern choosing.

You can see from the photos that the bed side of the room is kept relatively simple. Playing off the blue-greys in the painting we included a blue-grey rug and blanket but the little pattern is involved here other than the marble accent wall. This is done on purpose, remember we are still designing a minimalistic space and keeping the fine balance is key. You’ll notice that the marble wall is the main focus of this space with no accessories used on the nightstands. It is important when creating a space that pushes the boundaries of a design style to chose each aspect with intention. Think with a purpose. Using patterns in a minimalistic design is not the popular opinion of what minimalistic design looks like but the final product is spectacular!

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