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Designer Interview | Brandi Wilkins | What it is like working with a Rendering Artist

If they truly want to sell their design ideas and add a bit of a wow factor to their design presentation, renderings really work.

– Brandi Wilkins

Brandi Wilkins is a multi-talented woman and powerhouse of a business owner/interior designer, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has graciously accepted my offer to respond to an interview we conducted about working with a rendering artist outside of your design firm. Thank you so much Brandi for taking time outside of your busy schedule!

So Let’s get started!

Hey Brandi, Thank you so much for letting me interview you. It was so much fun working together on previous projects – can you tell my audience a little bit about your firm?

Sure! Three Luxe Nine Interiors is a residential interior design firm based out of Urbana/Frederick, MD. We service the D.C. metropolitan area. We specialize in turning existing houses into forever homes by focusing on creating homes that are fully reflective and supportive of who our clients are and how they live best.

For this most recent project, you worked with me to create a full set of renderings. How would you say this project compared to previously where I only provided the architectural detailing? 

I enjoyed working with you on both projects very much, but I’d say the biggest difference was the relief I felt in knowing that I didn’t have to do any of it at all! With a heavy workload at the time, I simply did not have time to devote to any of it. While I do enjoy doing some aspects of rendering on my own when time allows, nothing compares to knowing that I don’t have to because I have someone to turn to that I can trust to do the job for me and do it well!

Was working with a rendering artist beneficial to your workflow? 

100%! When I have multiple projects going at once, it can be a challenge trying to manage everything. Being able to outsource renderings allows me to keep my workflow moving along smoothly as I can gear my efforts toward the areas that I function best in.

How long have you been utilizing renderings in your workflow? 

I guess it has been about 3 years now that I really began to learn about photorealistic 3D renderings and began wanting to incorporate them into my design process.

How would you say working with a rendering artist benefited the client? 

Clients love the renderings! When they are able to see an almost exact image of how they can expect their home to look with our design, they are immediately sold!

For interior designers thinking about using a rendering artist, what would you tell them prior to using one? Things you have learned? Possible tips and tricks? Ways to communicate? 

I would tell other designers to go for it! If they truly want to sell their design ideas and add a bit of a wow factor to their design presentation, renderings really works. My best advice in working with a rendering artist is to prioritize communication and provide as much detailed information as possible. A good rendering artist will want you to be fully happy with their work so there is no detail or question too small. 

Do you believe renderings give your clients an accurate view of what your end project will look like?

Absolutely! It’s the thing that clients love most and that really blows them away. They are seeing a pretty accurate picture of what they can expect their new home to look like and it’s both exciting and reassuring for the client.

Lastly, how do you feel about the future of design and the metaverse?

I think it’s interesting to see where design is headed in the virtual realm. We’re already seeing virtual homes being designed within the design community and I think consumer desire will begin to increase for more of these life-like virtual experiences to reassure them of their design choice. The possibilities are exciting, but I also think that this adds another layer of need and skill for the interior design firm. Depending on what the time and effort commitment is, I believe this will be an area where designers continue to outsource or hire staff to fill that need.

I am so appreciative of Brandi for taking the time to answer all my questions. Please follow her on all her socials below and check out her fabulous website!

Brandi Wilkins | Founder + Principal

Three Luxe Nine

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