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Designer Interview | Charlotte Parrish | Intern Graduate at Lauren Ashley Design

Rendering helps to make ideas and designs come to life!

– Charlotte Parrish

I have had the pleasure of having Charlotte as an intern for the past few months during the Spring 2022 Semester. She is a graduating student at Liberty University. Charlotte has inspired us all to take chances with color as she has a unique sense of style that challenges my more neutral palette for all the right reasons. She has made tremendous strides in rendering and SketchUp skills and will continue to learn as she will be joining us at Lauren Ashley Design as my design assistant! Cannot wait to see her continue to blossom into the designer she is born to become. Be on the lookout soon for more details on how Charlotte will be serving at Lauren Ashley Design in the future.

Congratulations Charlotte on all you have accomplished! Let’s learn a little bit more about Charlotte, shall we?

So Let’s get started!

Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I enjoy painting, cooking, and doing anything beauty-related in my spare time! I am very passionate about color and expressing myself, so I never miss the opportunity to do a colorful eye look for the day or to wear a super colorful outfit and, of course, I LOVE statement jewelry. My colorful personality is definitely reflected in my interior design style and I love incorporating fun pops of color and helping clients step out of their comfort zone a little.

Did you ever imagine that you could have a career as a rendering artist with an Interior Design Degree?

I thoroughly enjoyed the supportive, creative, and spiritual environment that I was provided. I have never had a job experience where I felt like I was appreciated and Lauren Ashley Designs LLC has shown me that I am worthy, I am talented, and I am definitely appreciated!

How do you think for our online design clients, rendering benefits their project? 

I honestly had only ever seen renderings on HGTV before entering my degree, so the thought had never really occurred to me, but I have definitely found a love and a passion for the art of rendering!

For yourself, was learning how to model and render at a new level beneficial?

Rendering helps to make ideas and designs come to life! I know some people struggle with seeing our visions as designers, so rendering is extremely helpful to show a client what you want to create for them!

Where do you see yourself in 10years? 

I hope to own my own business and design for clients directly in person and also render for other designers. I love using AutoCAD, Chief Architect, Sketchup, and TwinMotion, so I hope to be able to use these to express my creativity on a regular basis!

Lastly, how do you feel about the future of design and the metaverse?

I find the metaverse very interesting in the different ways it has been projected to be used. I love the idea of interior designers being able to work with architects and engineers in the designing of homes and buildings for the metaverse and I think it will be a great way for talented designers to get their name out there and get their work seen! I, however, do not want to “live” in the metaverse because I don’t want to be glued to AR goggles for the rest of my life and I hope we will be able to enjoy the metaverse while continuing to live in our reality.

All rendering work featured in this blog post was done in along with the rest of the Lauren Ashley Design team of Spring 2022. Please Visit their interview blog post to learn more about their design journey.

I am so appreciative of Charlotte for taking the time to answer all my questions. Please follow her on all her socials below

Charlotte Parrish | Designer

Visit Her Website Below


About Me

Lauren started her career as an e-designer in college. She transitioned her company into a DVA services business, assisting other designers, architects, and contractors quickly growing a strong clientele. Her heart’s passion is rendering but what makes her DVA business different is marketing strategies. Lauren truly believes in the power of marketing your business as a DVA or interior designer is the way to success. Over recent years, Lauren has become proficient in graphic design tools like Canva and Photoshop and she is ready to share what she has learned with you! She uses these tools daily in her life as a DVA, with her design clients and her personal projects. Helping you build a professional visual presentation to stand apart from the rest is what she lives for.

Lauren holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Interior Design, a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design, and beginning her Ph.D. in Strategic Media this summer. With over 5 years under her belt in the E-design industry, she knows what it takes for your graphics and designs to catch the eye of your ideal client. Contact her today for questions or 1:1 training

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