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Designers Guide : How To Get Design Clients From Facebook Groups

One of the top questions I get from new designers is, “where do I market my services?” there are many places to market your services! However, today we are going to talk about one key place hidden away in Social Media, Facebook Groups. Local and Niched Facebook Groups can be key to developing a following for your brand and creating a client base that will last you outside of Facebook.

How do you do it? Let’s dive in!

You may be wondering:

  1. How can I get my voice heard in a Facebook group with thousands of people?

  2. How can I promote my design services without coming off spammy?

  3. How do I even find the right Facebook groups?


You hear me say this often that I suggest you only focus on two MAYBE 3 social media platforms at a time, the same goes for Facebook groups. You’ll need to hone in on 2-3 groups that you truly believe are where your ideal client spends the most of their time.

The trick to getting clients from Facebook groups isn’t about getting in front of thousands of people. It’s about getting in front of fewer people, focusing on them, and really getting to know them and letting them get to know you.

You’ve probably heard me say that it’s more beneficial to have a small following with a higher level of engagement than a huge following with little engagement, right?

The same principle applies to Facebook groups.

So I want you to choose 3 groups to really invest your time in.

That leads me to…


I recommend choosing 2 groups of ideal clients and 1 group of other designers. It’s important to connect with other designers because they will send work your way. If you use this strategy, you’re never putting all of your eggs in one basket. You’re not relying solely on referrals or solely on social media marketing, you’re mixing it up.


You don’t need to keep posting links to your site to get clients. It will do the opposite, it will put people off from hiring you.

Instead, you have to give of your expertise and connect with people every day. Don’t think of the members as potential money, think of them as real people who need your help.

Every day, spend 30 minutes commenting on the posts that are asking for design advice.

Your comments shouldn’t be:

  1. Short

  2. One word

  3. Linking back to your site all the time

They should be:

  1. Lengthy

  2. Helpful

  3. Actionable

  4. Generous.

Ask if you can send a personal message to someone to help them further. Or give them your email address.

Try this for a month 🙂 See if you notice a difference in these groups and how they interact with you.

About Me

Lauren started her career as an e-designer in college. She transitioned her company into a DVA services business, assisting other designers, architects, and contractors quickly growing a strong clientele. Her heart’s passion is rendering but what makes her DVA business different is marketing strategies. Lauren truly believes in the power of marketing your business as a DVA or interior designer is the way to success. Over recent years, Lauren has become proficient in graphic design tools like Canva and Photoshop and she is ready to share what she has learned with you! She uses these tools daily in her life as a DVA, with her design clients and her personal projects. Helping you build a professional visual presentation to stand apart from the rest is what she lives for.

Lauren holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Interior Design, a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design, and beginning her Ph.D. in Strategic Media this summer. With over 5 years under her belt in the E-design industry, she knows what it takes for your graphics and designs to catch the eye of your ideal client. Contact her today for questions or 1:1 training

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