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How to Get Your Patio Ready for Spring

Hello all! It’s Lauren! Today we are going to have an amazing guest on the blog, Anne Cook, Anne is a talented creator based out of North Carolina (Same as me) whom I met in a Facebook group. If you don’t already know, Facebook groups are an amazing way to meet other interior designers and content creators that are like minded or might even be in your own backyard! I hope you enjoy her take today on how to get your patio ready for spring. Please give her a warm welcome to the blog!

Does your patio need a bit of a spruce up though? Don’t worry, it’s not hard! There are a few simple ways to update your patio and get it ready for spring.

The best part is that many of these things make great housewarming gifts, hostess gifts, or even gifts for your sister-in-law!

Use Pops of Color

A splash of color here and there gives your patio a fun and inviting feel. If you feel like your patio furniture is a bit drab then just throw in some color!

There are a few ways to do this – one of the easiest being throw pillows. For more of a statement you can add in a colorful rug. You can also swap out the cushions if you have an outdoor sofa.

Find a color palette that you like – you can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest – and then head to Target.

Cute Planters

Planters don’t have to just be round or square brown pots anymore. If you walk down the aisle at Lowes you’ll find planters of all colors!

Not only are the typical planters colorful, but you can also get creative when planting flowers. You can repurpose a watering can, metal pail, or even use old rain boots as planters.

You can also go vertical and create a ladder display, a trellis wall with hanging pots, or use rain gutters and hang them from each other.


You’ll need something to go in those adorable planters. There are so many benefits to flowers – the fresh smell, a natural splash of color, and if they’re on your patio then you can easily clip them to bring them inside.

For the best results, you can check what plants go best together and you’ll have the whole neighborhood asking about your container designs.

Hanging baskets are also a fun way to brighten up a space.

Vertical Welcome Signs

Vertical signs that you lean against your wall have gotten very popular. These signs have one-word messages like “Welcome,” “Spring,” “Blessed,” and so many others.

These signs are a great way to make your front entry more welcoming as well. You can find many great ideas on Etsy or this is a fun DIY project.

Fun Door Signs

You can find door signs in all different varieties these days. There are round signs, rectangular, laser-cut wooden signs, and even metal signs that wrap over your door frame.

You can use these door signs to welcome spring, welcome your guests, or send a funny message. Make things interesting and add a bow, faux flowers, or even felt to your sign.

This is another great DIY project or you’ll find many options on Etsy again.

Interesting Wreaths

Many people don’t realize all the fun things that you can do with wreaths. Wreaths can be made from Eucalyptus, Magnolia leaves, Lavender, and you can even make one from Forsythia.

Add some interesting elements by incorporating bows or wooden letters.

A unique wreath that you can easily make is using a sun hat. This sun hat wreath adds flowers, color, and a fun door sign for your patio!

Bring in the Birds

You can do this in two ways. Literally bring in the birds with strategically placed bird feeders so you can sit out and enjoy watching them from your patio.

Make sure to buy plenty of bird seed to fill up those feeders. You can also hang a hummingbird feeder and invite one of the smallest birds into your space.

The other way is to bring artificial birds into the space. Glass-blown birds are gorgeous but can be very expensive. If you’re on a budget then opt for the ceramic birds. These make a cute addition to any side table or coffee table if you have one outdoors.

Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are one of the best because you can change the message on it whenever you feel like it. If you don’t like your hand writing then buy some cute stencils to trace.

You can make your own chalkboard with chalkboard paint for a unique spin. Use it on an old skinny door, a board that fits in a gilt frame, or on your planters and galvanized buckets!

Paint Brick a Fun Color

These last three ideas require a bit more work but they’ll make a huge difference. The first – if you have a brick house that’s a typical red color then paint it!

You can paint brick all kinds of colors but a few popular ones are white, gray, or navy. Choose your brick color before you pick out your patio furniture and color palette.

This would be a large DIY project or you can call your local painter.

Add Lighting to Set the Mood

Lighting helps to set a mood whether you are indoors or outdoors. One of the most popular and easiest lighting ideas for a patio are string lights that zig zag across the area.

You can also use vintage wall mounted fixtures to replace your existing exterior fixtures. If you don’t want to look at replacing any permanent fixtures then purchase some weather proof lanterns.

You can find lanterns to sit out on the table, larger ones to places besides the furniture, or there are solar garden lights that you can put out in the yard.

Refurbish an Antique Piece

If you’re looking for a large DIY project then this is it. You should only refurbish an antique piece for outdoor use if you have a covered patio though. You wouldn’t want this directly in the elements.

Go by local yard sales, antique stores, or you can even look on Facebook Marketplace for antiques. One of the best things to start with is a chair or bench but you could also try a table.

This will give your patio tons of character and you’ll have a unique piece as a conversation starter. Not to mention the whole process will give you lots of confidence in your DIY abilities.

Anna is a content creator for where you can find fun gift ideas for anyone in your life. If you need to find a unique gift then this is the resource for you.
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