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Including Blush Pink in your Home?

Hello, all!Okay, so PINK! I know you’re probably thinking pink is not for me. Well, I am here to tell you that it is the new grey. From walls to upholstery, pink is everywhere right now.Some of you when you may remember the pink of yesteryear; with the Pepto-Bismal pink that would plaster the walls and tile. This pink is nothing close.Blush pink adds a certain elegance to the home. When adding blush pink to a wall it adds a sense that the room does not end… especially when paired with darker toned furniture (such as the picture below).

Besides walls there are multiple, more subtle ways, to include blush pink into your home. I am going to go over a few of these ways so you can include this trend in your home today! Bathroom In the bathroom, there are a few small touches that will really make a big impact on your room.

Using blush pink towels and bath rug in this mid-century modern bathroom made this white canvas scream elegance.

Also, by adding this simple shower curtain a what would be plain black and white room is turned into a feminine sanctuary. Bedroom

As you can see the gray tones really complement pink well. And if you are married you can tone down the feminine touches with some browns( See below picture).

Often in the bedroom, we are scared of colors such as pink. However, go bold in the bedroom! The bedroom, like the rest of your home, should display your (and your husbands) personality. When melding the two styles and personalities do not be afraid to tell your husband to be that you want a little pink in your bedroom, I think he will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. l Dining Room

These different color accent chairs by Design Tree Home, are the perfect way to bring color(pink) into your home. Living Room

Rugs are probably the most subtle way to add pink to your design there is. Adding this rug can add colors that you did not think would match. Blessings!Lauren Jenkins Comment below with any questions! #ideas#livingroom#interiordesign#designtrend#pink#bedroom#bathroom#amazon#color#colortrends

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