Interior Designer Guide to Homeschool | Designing based on Learning Styles

Today I am writing you from the heart of a mother. This mother understands the struggle that you are going through right now. Work has started back, the world is moving fast but you're still having to find time to make sure your children's education doesn't slide by.


Education of your children at home will become the most rewarding job you will ever have.

I know things are hard now and it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but it's coming.

Today I wanted to walk you through creating your homeschool space. This space can be created in as small as large of a room you have. I do encourage you to have a separate room or space if you have it, if not DON'T worry! Next week, we are going to go over how to make you dining room or living room into a homeschool space. I know that these unconventional times mean that we have to work with what we have. That is what motherhood is all about, am it right?

Interior Designer Guide to Homeschool | Designing based on Learning Styles

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Lend to your child's needs

The beautiful thing about having the chance or really the opportunity to homeschool your child is you get to have this time to understand what their needs are. Something to think about is their needs aesthetically within a learning environment.

When we start to grow and develop that is when we start to develop or learning styles.

In conjunction with your child's learning style will usually come to their need for various elements within their learning environment.

In Mariaemma Willis, M.S. and Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A. book, "Discover Your Child's Learning Style: Children Learn in Unique Ways - Here's the Key to Every Child's Learning Success", they walk you through 5 learning styles:

Wiggly Willy = Performer

Perfect Paula = Producer

Competent Carl = Inventor

Sociable Sue = Relator/Inspirer

Their fifth category is Thinker/Creator

I'm not going to go over all these styles because I am not an expert in this field but I will go over a few that I have experience with. I encourage you guys to get the book and apply the tips they mention as well as embrace your children's needs to change the aesthetics of your space.

Looking back on growing up with my twin sister it was always so interesting to think my mother who had two very identical little girls but we would think so differently and learn differently as well. My mother homeschooled us right up through highschool. Looking back I'm still amazed by her as I get ready to start my own journey and share the experience I have with you all.

Interior Designer Guide to Homeschool | Designing based on Learning Styles

For the producers in your family, these people are very logical thinkers. They have a business type mind even from a young age. Their mind is one track and think in almost of a drill. Many children and adults if they are honest do not have this personality type. If your child does have this personality time, I can probably see that you are worried about your child making it in homeschool. You're the parent of a child that yearns for structure, I mean how rare is that? Well, I was that kid. I was the kid that had her whole life i'm serious my whole life on a concept board(I still have it haha). Planners are doers. Your child might be 7 years old and already know what she wants to do with her life but hey that great! Homeschooling will not be a set back! You can set her up for success. Keep everything organized get her a calendar or a curriculum with a calendar. Also, I love this ikea desk and shelves that I used in the homeschool room design. Perfect for easy origination!

The fifth, the creator/thinker. These kids my friends are the ones that can take over the world with their creativity! This was my sister! Still is! She is the one that has such a creative mind it's infectious. I mean we are both creative but she is naturally one of those people that is just fun and go get um type. Individuals with these types of personalities learn differently and need a different environment to work in. They are constantly thinking, sometimes moving, and sometimes need something to feel or touch. So its good to have a floor space that has texture or something different for them to write one, some colorful aspects of the room. All this is for a change of scenery for this individual. Their mind is filled with so many creative juices it's important to keep it flowing so they can learn all of the educational topics they need to learn as well!

I hope that helps you get an idea of how each learning style is different and why it's important to identify those to identify the environment your child needs to work in.

Each child is different, and most likely you are like my mother was with a home of multiple children that learn nothing a like, THATS OKAY! In your homeschool room you can still create separate spaces where each child can go and have reading time or math time whichever your schedule allows.

If Space Allows Create a Reading Nook

As noted in the previous section it's important to have an alternative section for children to read or work. Since we are talking about a home school room today, we realize that there might be space for us to have a reading nook! Let's take advantage of that! As any reading nook goes there are three needs; Chair, Pouf/ottoman, floor lamp.

I tucked this reading nook in the corner naturally next to the desk. I chose a Mid-Century Modern style chair from Wayfair, the Sculptural Glass Floor Lamp from Crate and Barrel, and the Spectrum Pouf from Jaipur Living. Also, I accented the reading nook with a beautiful palm pillow by Jaipur Living. All this comes out to around $500! WOW!

This space will will be the ideal space for your child to learn and grow in a comfortable setting.

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PS> If you haven't noticed by now the homeschool room i've created is designed with parents of children that have a creative mind and productive mind, yet it can also be used for any parent that has multiple children. Contact me if you have any questions about the content today!

Create a Space for the Creatives

For the creative space in the room, you'll need to have somewhere where they can draw and create educational crafts. Ideally you would want multiple areas. A great way to accomplish two areas is to have a wall hung paper roll(btw this can double as a task list or if you have a child that encourages praise put thank you notes on it!).

This adorable space is placed opposite of the desk and it's perfect for an alternative desk area for your young kids or if your are a mom of kids that are multiple ages this is the perfect set up!

For the craft storage I actually used a bar cart from Crate and Barrel! This adds just an extra since of style to the space and I love how it plays against the wall color.

The kid chairs and table are from PBkids. and the Paper roll holder you can get from etsy!

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Let's Set Up Office | The Producer

Now, we got to make sure our little producer is all set up and ready to go for her school year! She needs an organized place where she can get to work and go. So let's get going!

For the desk I chose the Linnmon/alex desk from Ikea. This desk is ideal for storage and is great on a budget! The chairs are a TWO PACK from Target for $159! Yes I said that right?! Crazy this desk area is so perfect! The wall decor, lamp, and shelves all came from amazon which again makes it perfect for a budget!

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I really appreciate you guys tagging along on this pretty long post. I just wanted to help equip you guys to have the best school year you can have! I am a mother so I get you and as a designer I want to be there for you!

Blessings to all, as you leave today I hope you enjoy the 360 walkthrough of this homeschool room :)

Interior Designer Guide to Homeschool | Designing based on Learning Styles

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