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Can you believe the first week of December is almost over? Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? If not, I have a cost effective tree that will please your guest or be a great addition to the one you already have! You might say that our family is a little obsessed with Christmas (you'll learn more during this month) so the more trees the better! We are trying to still figure out where to squeeze a third tree after finding this second tree for the bedroom! I know some of you out there are with me?! Christmas is such as special time of year and when you have a little one like I do making it magical is something you can't explain but only experience. So let's dive into how you can add a little more Christmas Magic on a budget!

The Christmas, the tree we chose comes in 3ft, 4ft, and 6ft. The tree is flocked and is prelit. As a small business owner, mother, and wife I have little time to spare, and prelit trees save me so much valuable time. When choosing a Christmas tree there are several different things that use to decide. These include things like size and ease of put up. For our bedroom, we have decided to get a 6-foot tree so it will fit snuggly by the window for all the passers to see. The tree has sturdy branches that will accommodate all the new ornaments that we have purchased to create a Christmas environment in our bedroom.

The ornaments we chose focused on two different criteria price and quantity. My husband and I, love a fully stocked tree. Our daughter, who is two, does not share this same value and enjoys taking the ornaments off almost as fast as we can put them up. So, we chose to purchase ornaments that are not easily breakable. For the parents reading this post, if you're going to be buying new ornaments this year, make sure you choose them with your little ones in mind. We chose a . vintage style ,large set of shatter proof ornaments that will keep our little girl from getting hurt since she spends a lot of time in the bedroom. Next, we chose beads to serve as the garland. These beads really do help hit home the over look I was going for which is a vintage Christmas. You'll see throughout my design work during the Christmas season that I enjoy looking back instead of forward. I truly believe, especially during this time we are going through, it's important to embrace the years past so we can make new fresh memories.

Finally, you'll see a set of owls, candies, and pinecones which give a whimsical appeal to the the tree!



Decorating the Christmas tree in our living room was an adventure because our daughter in her own way helped put together our living room tree. If you want to see how my main living room tree turned out follow me on instagram!

The tree we choose for our bedroom was a mom and dad type of project that happened during her afternoon nap. We can get a lot done during those naps! I guess that's why they call it power naps!

In this year of challenge, and stay at home orders you home can not have too many Christmas Trees. We hope you will join us in adding another Christmas tree to your Christmas traditions!

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We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

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