Relaunching after a 5 Month Hiatus! | Let's Start Anew! | I'm Back!!

Hello all! I know it has been so long! I am so sorry!

A lot has happened in my life and I lost track of time! My husband and I have been busy busy busy with our now 9 month old little girl, I have been finishing up my degree with Liberty University, and I have recently been working on some exciting things for you guys that will be announced later!

If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook you may have noticed that there have been some changes around here. I hope you enjoy them all! On this post I will explain the changes and hopefully you will be excited as I am to what's to come!

Why I Changed The Look of My Blog

First, I wanted a fresh started. In order to better serve you guys in the future moving forward, I wanted to ensure that everything was just right so the information given was clear. Creating a bright and airy environment can help you, the reader have a more enjoyable experience.

Part of our website revamp is our change in logo design. Our new logo, is design to exemplify our focus moving forward - simplistic farmhouse design. The inspiration for the design was the typical farmhouse sign you can see at any craft or antique store now. However, with this design I took the sign and made modern take on it.

What is Simplistic Farmhouse Design?

At Lauren Ashley Design we define Simplistic Farmhouse design as a urban, modern, minimalistic take on the Farmhouse movement that is taking the world by storm. Do you love to walk through the antique store but when you come home you want a minimalistic design for your space? Simplistic Farmhouse is for you. Are you the girl downtown that is yearning for the small town you grew up in? Simplistic Farmhouse is for you!

For all of you that don't follow us on Instagram, do so now so you can get the latest inspo of Simplistic Farmhouse decor!

Here is just of few:

What Can you Expect Moving Forward?

Moving forward Lauren Ashley Design is dedicated to serving you, our readers. We have created a set of Core Values. I hope you take heart in know we appreciate everyone of you!

Here is a copy of our core values moving forward:

Core Values

We Live What We Write

Everything that Lauren Ashley Design writes is written with honesty. We bring information to our audience that we also live by. 

Having Grace and Understand

As the our Savior teaches us we believe in having Grace and Understanding. Knowing that we may not know what another might be going through

We provide real value

We don't believe in filling out blog with useless content. We believe in content that  benefit our audience. 

We Pay Attention to the Little Things

We keep our audience in the forefront of our mind whether it's creating content or promoting. 

God First

We believe that God has given this blog to us and we want to let it glorify Him in every way. 

Family Second

We believe a strong company and a strong family can and should coexist. We will not pursue success at the expense of our families.

We look forward to the future!!

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