Shop the Look : Modern Bathroom Remodel Under $1000

Shop the Look : Modern Bathroom Remodel Under $1000

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I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day weekend and was able to celebrate the special women in your life somehow. For this weeks shop the look I wanted to share with you guys a bathroom remodel that would be easy to accomplish in a what I would consider a typical size bathroom with walk-in shower. I was so excited about how this bathroom turned out I couldn't keep it to myself, so here we go!

For the style of this bathroom, I stuck with a clean and classic black, brown, and white color scheme. I believe that design should be classic, yes it should express the client's needs and desires for the home but you don't want to put thousands of dollars into your home and then remodel it in two years. With bathrooms especially, designers tend to get a little trendy. With this design, I steered away from that and focused on clean lines and classic materials like marble to be the main focus.

Shop the Look : Modern Bathroom Remodel Under $1000

One of my favorite things about this bathroom is the marble look throughout. The way you, at home, can accomplish this on a budget is peel and stick wallpaper! Why yes, you can use peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom. Just make sure the wallpaper you are using is waterproof, this will ensure that the product will repel anything a bathroom will throw at it.

Shop the Look : Modern Bathroom Remodel Under $1000

For interest, I used hexagon black tiles paired with a fun black and white mosaic as an accent in the shower. Just because this bathroom only has few colors in the color palette doesn't mean it has to be boring!

To create the black and white accent tile, I suggest mixing two 1" x 3" tiles in a herringbone pattern, only inserting the black every other tile.

For your guide to complete the tile design the rest of this bathroom look, check out my FREE 10 page Bathroom Design Guide!!!

In the guide I teach you how to teach you how to apply the wallpaper and tile, also I provide you with a shopping list and guide! Bring to you all you need to transform your space into your dream modern bathroom. Grab it now!

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Shop the Look : Modern Bathroom Remodel Under $1000

Shop the Look : Modern Bathroom Remodel Under $1000

Let me know if you have any questions about the design we went through today or if you want to start your own design!

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