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Spring Refresh: Updating Your Space with Moody Textiles and Fabrics

Spring is all about enjoying nature. Be it a picnic hosted in the backyard or a bike ride down the freshly blooming aisles, the season of renewal brings joy to many—so why not introduce the same vibes to your interior? 

Whether you’re looking to go all out with spring decorations or prefer a few subtle touches here and there, our simple yet unique ideas will help you embrace the essence of these lovely months, both inside and out! 

Sprinkle in Moody Colors 

Spring is the season of happiness and vitality—and what represents these feelings better than the rich and intense shades of the season? Burgundy, navy blue, emerald green, and charcoal gray are all perfect choices from the spring color palette. To keep the look balanced, use lighter shades from the spring color wheel, like pastel shades, earthy tones, and light neutrals, as the dominant hue. Sprinkle in moody colors through accent pieces, such as textiles, fabrics, and accessories. 

Lighten the Window Treatments

Decorating your home for spring is an opportunity to switch away your home’s closet to something more appropriate for the new season. Ditch the dark, heavy window treatments for lighter options like light-filtering blinds, plantation shutters, sheer curtains, or Roman shades. Whichever the option, keep its hue in line with the overall spring color palette.

Switch Throw Pillows

Searching for an easy, affordable upgrade that can be done in just an afternoon? Swap out the throw pillow covers throughout your home for a refresh that requires minimal effort. Think of getting creative with unique ideas like; 

  • Floral-print pillows

  • Nature-inspired pillows

  • Textured pillows

  • Tasseled or fringe pillows

  • Seasonal motif pillows  

Present Your Throws 

Put away your chunky knit blankets and bring out lighter throws in fabrics like cotton and linen. Look for interesting ways to fold and present them in different areas around the house. The methods are unlimited: drape them over furniture, fold them in unique ways, hang them over decorative ladders, present them in a woven hamper, you name it! 

Try A New Doormat

Give your guests—and yourself—a pleasant welcome with a new doormat that serves as a reminder for spring and instantly brings a smile. Add flower pots and seasonally-themed lanterns to further enhance the outdoor spring decor. 

Final Words 

While enjoying the rejuvenating energy of spring, make sure not to let your home decor take a backseat—and remember, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. 

Happy Spring 💐

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