Starting Your Own Virtual Design Assistant Business

A look inside how to and if you should start your own Virtual Design Assistant Business.

Now we hear a lot about we need to pivot our business strategies. Have you thought about starting your own Virtual Design Assistant Business? If so, do you know what all is in-store? Maybe you are just what other designers are looking for!

How I started offering Virtual Design Assistant Services :

Lauren Ashley Design began much like much other business do a dream, vision, a side hustle. But as economic and health disaster hit the country in late 2019-2020 Lauren Ashley Design became a full-time job for us because my husband and I both being laid off from our jobs during the crisis. As the business evolved, it became apparent that there was a great need for high quality online visual design throughout the interior design community. In order to fulfill that need, I pivoted my business model to serve interior designers in their business and my once side hustle is now supporting my family full time. Learn more here.

No matter what your "why" is or what has lead you here, starting your own business is an exacting adventure and I am here to help! The best thing about having my own online business is that I set my own schedule, on my own time. I am a young mother and spending time with my daughter is probably the most important thing to me right now in life. Making sure if I want to take her to go see her g-mama I can, is super important! It's the small things that mean the most. Being able to work online has allowed me to be the mom I want to be while honing in my skills and training to be an even better designer.

And let's be honest being able to wear sweatpants when you want to doesn't hurt anything either.

How do I get started?

1. What are You Good at?

As a designer I would guarantee you have a speciality a "niche", something you prefer over other projects. Most people don't think that Virtual Designer Assistants have "niches" but I beg to differ. I know VDA's who only do kitchens and baths, some only do exteriors, then you will have some that you know that is their rendering by how it looks. I like to say that is me because I get that a lot :)

Sometimes you may not even know you have a niche until you ask someone or people start realizing it for you. That was me! I honestly never even realized that my renders have a certain "look" to them. A lot of times my fellow designers would say stuff like, "I knew that was your render because it looked like you, Lauren!". When I started hearing people say I have a niche only then did I believe it.

Find your niche!

2. Make it your Job.

You'll see in my about section that it wasn't until I made my "hobbie" my job that it became something that I could count on financially. Don't you want that for your family? Well, you are going to have to get up and start working sister! You need a schedule, set working hours, set days of the week of when you do what.

I know I am already hearing you guys go, "but Lauren I want to work from home so I can spend time with family." Did I ever say you couldn't?? No! My full time business works from 9am-5pm, I have set values in my business that I will never adjust, one of those is my family always comes before business. I strongly urge you to have set values in your business as well!


Stay true to your values once you set them, don't waiver. Now i'll be honest I have my day's where I have my days where I reach my limits but it is important to have those people in my life that keep me on track. That brings us to our next tip...

3. Maintain relationships you have, with peers or clients.

When I first started working from home I often felt alone and felt like I was the only person trying to make a actual living serving clients online. Come to find out I wasn't! I found community! This is more important than you will ever know! As humans, we are designed to be around others. Sometimes at home you can feel alone I know many of you have been feeling this way because you have already been at home for so long but make sure you are finding time to zoom call or message friends/family and peers. It's important for your mental health!

For online community for online interior designers please join us at the edesigntribe!

4. Market Yourself

Make sure you have a marketing strategy. As you would as an interior designer, make sure you create and Ideal designer client and market towards him or her. You will attract the clients you market towards. So think back to what your "niche" is and apply that to your ideal client, then apply that to your marketing strategy.

Much like yourself, designers are visual people usually. So you must integrate your business in visual marketing. Pinterest, Instagram, and your blog are all important! Make sure they are pollentate your platforms with a consistent message.

A few of the marketing tools I use is guest post, pinterest graphics, SEO op, and more.

Would you like to learn more about starting your own VDA service business? I would love to be apart of your journey! Let's Talk!!

I offer coaching services! Please click the link below to get started!

Let me know if you have any questions about the information we went through today.

If you are looking for a VDA please check out my services page or the wonderful ladies at the edesigntribe!

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