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Why are photorealistic renderings important to interior design?

In today’s times, photorealistic renderings are everywhere. Many people might want to jump on the “trend” or the times and add renderings to their interior design firm. However, there are bigger reasons/whys to get involved in making sure that your firm is on top of your visual communication strategy! These images are the first reaction that a client or employee might perceive of your design. However, not all designers have the resources to be able to produce crisp realistic images. If, after this blog post you decide that rendering is right for your firm, I encourage you to contact me and outsource this task if you do not have these resources available to you.

They Showcase Your Work as an Interior Designer

If you are just starting out and you don’t have any clients, that is okay! You can still market amazing 3D content. If you have a concept design, marketing to your ideal client is a must. You designers just starting out have a wonderful new perspective on design. I love the ability to bring on interns into my own company. It’s important that we help these designers thrive. As a young designer, you can grow your portfolio

Interior visualization via photorealistic renderings is crucial to interior designers in our industry today. As delays continue to suppress the furniture market, our clients sometimes look at six months to a year to see their entire project to fluorination.

With renderings, you can show your client project as a whole in its completion. Creating this trust with your client upfront can help you prevent further delays down the road.

If you are new to the industry, interior renderings can increase your web traffic by utilizing imagery that you now own the rights to and are your designs. New designers often stock photos to represent their brand when they are just starting; however, how does this represent you? 

Once all the information is sent to your rendering artist, you can now begin rendering. What are the benefits of even starting this process, to start with, other than what we have gone over? Let’s go through all the benefits I have seen in my edesign firm and my designer clients first hand.

Design By Builders Design Rendering by Lauren Ashley Design

Often, no matter how much detail you go into describing the design to your client, some need an image to picture what the end goal will be.

Using 3D renderings is a great way to complete your offerings.

Having an animated rendering will enhance the customer experience and set you apart. The more interactive your presentation the more powerful it will be. 

No more having to consistently reassure your client that you understand their needs.

With renderings, you can one time assure them. Allowing the power of “seeing is believing” before the design is actually finished.

When considering outsourcing renderings, consider this. How long would it take you or your assistant to get the same result? If your answer was more than a week, then you need to hire a rendering artist.

An interior designer that is just entering the world of renderings can take anywhere from 15-30 days to complete a photorealistic rendering. Let’s say your hourly fee is $175/hr(or more), well the charge on the rendering would probably shock your client. As a rendering artist, it takes on average 8-36hrs* for a rendering artist to complete the rendering, based on availability and customization. That is half the time! This means more money in your pocket because you can upcharge my services so you will make a profit to cover the expenses. The price will not shock your client as it would if you would have hired in-house.

I’m sure you remember starting as a designer and the whole world was new. New adventures, finding new skill-sets and deciding what path to go on in your design life. This all took time. Now, you’ve been blessed. Your business has clients ready to serve but you desire something more, a visual photorealistic representation of your design for your clients.

Your rendering artist will be able to provide you with this service while you do what you love!

Having your designs come to life via interior visualization prevents the stress of wondering if the client will come back with revisions or knowing if the client is going to like it. Especially during the wait times, we are currently dealing with, the waiting period for client approval can sometimes save you months on a project.  Cut that time in half and provide renderings.  Images speak a thousand words. Well, why not let your design speak thousands of words even before the finished project.  

VR Virtual Tour Example –

Rendering Examples

Renderings Completed By Lauren Ashley Design Designs by Builders Design & Jeanette Van Wilcken Design

Animated Examples

Animations by Lauren Ashley Design Designs By Jeanette Van Wilcken

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About Me

Lauren started her career as an e-designer in college. She transitioned her company into a DVA services business, assisting other designers, architects, and contractors quickly growing a strong clientele. Her heart’s passion is rendering but what makes her DVA business different is marketing strategies. Lauren truly believes in the power of marketing your business as a DVA or interior designer is the way to success. Over recent years, Lauren has become proficient in graphic design tools like Canva and Photoshop and she is ready to share what she has learned with you! She uses these tools daily in her life as a DVA, with her design clients and her personal projects. Helping you build a professional visual presentation to stand apart from the rest is what she lives for.

Lauren holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Interior Design, a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design, and beginning her Ph.D. in Strategic Media this summer. With over 5 years under her belt in the E-design industry, she knows what it takes for your graphics and designs to catch the eye of your ideal client. Contact her today for questions or 1:1 training

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