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How Outsourcing Renderings Can Save You Time and Money

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All designers I work with find themselves in a place that many of you are in, where you want to do everything but you can't.

As an online interior designer you often find yourself holding multiple positions; designer, accountant, web-designer, Human-resource manager... the list goes on and on. Let's be honest with ourselves, one of these tasks that we take on is going to get the least of our attention... maybe it is something that drains most of our time or something we hate doing either way, we want to give 110% to everything we do but it just isn't possible in a 24hr day.

One of the things that take the longest for a designer to accomplish is renderings.

Office Rendering | Lauren Brantley | Lauren Ashley Design

When considering outsourcing renderings, consider this. How long would it take you or your assistant to get the same result? If your answer was more than a week, then you need to hire a rendering artist. Here is why:

An interior designer that is just entering the world of renderings can take anywhere from 15-30 days to complete a photorealistic rendering. Let's say your hourly fee is $175/hr(or more), well the charge on the rendering would probably shock your client.

As a rendering artist, it takes on average 8-36hrs* for a rendering artist to complete the rendering, based on availability and customization. That is half the time! This means more money in your pocket because you can upcharge my services so you will make a profit to cover the expenses. The price will not shock your client as it would if you would have hired in house.


Bedroom Rendering | Lauren Brantley | Lauren Ashley Design

If you are a designer and you are seeing the new world of e-design, you're thinking, "how am I going to keep up with the visual demand". It's okay you don't have to take the time to learn a new skill. Your time is money. Am I right??

I'm sure you remember starting as a designer and the whole world was new. New adventures, finding new skill-sets and deciding what path to go on in your design life. This all took time. Now, you've been blessed. Your business has clients ready to serve but you desire something more, a visual photorealistic representation of your design for your clients. Your rendering artist will be able to provide you with this service while you do what you love!

Each rendering artist has their own unique talents, skills, and specialities.

I would be honored to serve you by assisting you with renderings.

Bio: Hi! I am Lauren Brantley! I am a passionate, service-oriented, and tech-savvy Interior Designer!

I assist fellow interior designers, Architects, and Contractors who are eager to bring their designs to visual life! 

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design and I am currently finishing my Master's Degree in Design. I have 4 years of experience working with the top edesign platforms in managerial positions, managing over 100 clients at a time. I recently took the opportunity to start my own edesign company and I am eager to help you bring online deisgn to your business as well!

Programs Used : Sketchup, Edesigntribe Platform, AutoCad

Average Turn Around Time : 8-36hrs*

Website :

My friend and Rendering artist that I always recommend for 2020 and Kitchen Designs! Brigett Mercado of DBM Interior.She has impeccable talent in the 2020 platform, especially with kitchens. So if you are looking for a 2020 kitchen designer she is your gal!

Bio : I was always interested in design. My husband was in the military and after we moved to Florida I was at a lose of what I should do. One on my friends said “ Just do what you always do…Interior Design.” It was at the moment I started researching accreted design schools and found one 2 hours away. I had two young chlidren at that time but with determination and support from my family, I did it. I drove 2 hours each way 3 times a week until I got my got my design degree.

I started working for a local published designer and from there got interested in kitchens. They did not know how to use 2020 or render so I did all of the kitchen elevations and renderings by hand. It was then that I fell in love with kitchen design and started focusing my career in that area.  I moved again and got a job at a big box store doing kitchen design. I was there for 16 years soaking up as much information as I could. I learned so much from that experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world but I was tired of working for the “other guys” so I started DBM Interior.

I love being able to provide these realist 3D rendering because so many of my clients have a hard time imagining what their space can be. Now you don’t have to imagine.

Programs Used : 2020, Edesigntribe Platform, Sketchup

Average Turnaround Time: 8+*

Website :

*Time spent varies per project customization,materials used, and sqft. Please be patient with your rendering artist as they are working to make sure you have the best rendering possible.

For more amazing designers check out the Edesign Tribe To the Trade Directory.

If you would like more information of my services, I would be happy to assist! Please contact me at anytime!

At Lauren Ashley Design we understand we understand design business isn't easy (WE’VE BEEN THERE!) I would love to be there by your side helping you conquer all those clients that may need that extra visual or push to close the deal! Let's get together and see if we might be the perfect design team!

We can help you in the following areas: 1. Design 2. Execute 3. Problem Solve 4. Consulting

Let us know how we can serve you!

Are you an interior designer that is thinking about moving your business at home? Or are you an Work from home interior designer that works from home and need some order to it? I have been working from home for almost 4 years and have put together a schedule that helps me keep my life in order! Check it out for FREE!

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