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Working From Home | Zoom Backgrounds

I know several of you are working from home in out-of-the-ordinary spaces. Since we are now in our new “normal”, places like living rooms, beds, and even closets have become our new offices. If you are like me with the kids running around sometimes these spaces don’t look ideal!

If you have a Zoom Meeting coming up, did you know you can use the Virtual Background tool to magically transform you into a new space? WOW! It is so fun!


At Lauren Ashley Design we now offer Zoom Backgrounds as a service?? Did you know? Contact us today to get your customized Zoom Background starting at $250 fully rendered.

How does this service work?

Email me your inspiration, pictures of family, and anything you would like to include.

*additional rates apply to custom items that need to be modeled

I will then create for you a custom background 5-10day deliver time (depending on workload)

What people have said about their custom zoom background?

“Perfect! Loved it you captured my brand perfectly!” – Custom zoom background customer

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