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Working From your Dining Table | Steps to Getting Work Done in Unusual Spaces

I am sure giving the current environment in our country and across the world, many of us have found ourselves with a laptop on the dining table. Even our kids right now are gathered around the table with homework. So how do we make this set up work for those of us that don’t have office spaces or formal dining areas? Good question! It is possible! The key is to say organized throughout the transitions of the day. Multi-use dining tables are common in situations such as smaller new build homes, 1940s small homes, and apartments. Today we are going to take a look at how to best utilize these small scale-spaces to the max!

Between my husband and I, we have lived in about 8 apartments. So I understand small spaces! Often the small spaces can become overwhelming when you have all your family members together as we do now. For the dining space, this becomes the center of the action. Making sure that the center doesn’t become a clutter zone is important.

First, utilize your nearest storage piece.

Is your dining nook adjunct to your kitchen or do you have a storage piece in your dining area? This might be the time to rethink how you utilize that storage area. This storage area is going to become your lifeline.

Then, take inventory.

How many pieces do you need when working from your dining table? Laptop and mouse, check. pen and paper, check. Books if you are a student or need additional resources. One cabinet should be ideal to put your items away; however, if you have kids or a spouse that is utilizing the space as well please consider using and additional cabinet.

Next, Choosing additional storage.

For a dining room that is being used a multi-purpose room, I like to use a small scale office bookcase with the bottom closed storage. You’ll see in the rendering below I utilized the bookshelf (I have attached a similar one) adorned with accessories and it still looks appropriate for a dining room space.

If you don’t have the room the room for a larger furniture piece, one idea I love is placing a bar cart in the area which can easily be transformed for a guest when they come over! See Nate Burkus’ Design to the left for inspiration! I was able to find a bar cart very similar in style and texture from for those interested in adding storage to their dining room easily!

If you do chose the route of a bar cart make sure you choose storage baskets to hide any paper or tools you may need form day to day. Just remember minimal is better in spaces like this and don’t overthink it! If you need any help feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help! I hope you guys enjoy your time working at home! Follow @lashleydesign for updates Subscribe to be the first to see these design tips! Get your FREE Organic Modernism Design Guide HERE : Take our STYLE QUIZ Here :

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