FACS 345 FALL 2016


This project was completed with the help of four lovely ladies; Emily Compton, Skyler Wheeler, Greyson Walsh, and Victoria Cummings


Concept Statement

"Lounging on the sofa, enjoying an ice cold lemonade, one can relax and let worry float away. As sunlight streaks through panes of glass, the space is filled with warmth, creating an inviting atmosphere where friends and family can gather and laugh the night away. Whether ships that pass in the night or life-long friends, this environment welcomes all who enter it."


For this project we were awarded a $500 scholarship for Peoples Choice. The voting for peoples choice consisted of Facebook Votes and In-Store Votes at VFM's local stores.



I would like to thank all the lovely ladies that were apart of our amazing group! We did such a great job! Also, I am thankful for all my family, friends, and followers that took the time to vote for us in the people's choice award. I would also like to thank Virginia Furniture Market and Liberty University for this amazing opportunity!

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