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3 Interior Design Property Projects Every New Homeowner Should Consider

Once you’ve moved into a new home, it’s yours to do what you like with. Seeing as you’re going to be living here for at least the next ten years, you should focus on making the place more comfortable for you

That’s why we recommend considering property projects like these. They can make your home ten times more comfortable just after moving in, and the work will last for decades to come. 

The best news? There are only three projects to get through, meaning your new home won’t look like a worksite for too long! So, if you want to stamp your mark on your property ASAP, check out our recommendations down below. 

Increase Storage Capacity

Does your new home have enough storage in it? If not, make sure fitting some more is one of the first projects you undertake. Clearing out and converting the garage, for example, or fitting closets into the bedrooms and more shelves in the hallway. You can never have too much storage when you’re living in a family home! 

You can also save money on a few ‘temporary’ storage ideas, such as drawers underneath the sofa or placing a sideboard with under-shelving against any spare wall. If you’re worried you’re going to see boxes everywhere in an attempt to keep your new home tidy, try to work your storage into the overall decor of your home and you won’t even notice you’ve got somewhere to put everything! 

Tint Sun Facing Windows

Any and all homes have a sun-facing side to the house. For most people, this is the south side, but you can receive all-day sun on all corners. As such, make sure the windows on this predominantly sunny side are fitted with tinting. Not only will this make your home a cooler, more comfortable place to be, but it’ll ensure you don’t have to whack the thermostat down too low or the AC on too high. 

It’s also quite easy to invest in residential and commercial tinting. Working with a reliable contractor is usually best for a project like this, as they know their way around UV rays and can suggest the best level of tinting for you. Use up a bit of your leftover budget to keep the worst of the sun out and you’ll be much happier during the summertime! 

Lay New Flooring

New flooring is the kind you can rely on. If you can’t be sure how long the current carpet or hardwood has been laid for (and you’re not sure if it’s in the best condition), ripping it out and getting some new tiles fitted is best. Doing so will make your home cleaner, a little more hypoallergenic, and you won’t have to worry about tracking decades-old grime across the rest of the house. 

If you’re a new homeowner, make sure you put projects like these into your after-move plan. Make your home more comfortable and you’ll never want to leave! 

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