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5 Ideas to Make Your Small Space Appear Larger

Photo Creds : Lauren Rubin Architecture

SHELVING | Small effort Big Gain Are you living in a apartment with a cramped kitchen? Or is your kitchen unusually cluttered? Well, this cleaver storage idea might be the ticket for you! Lauren Rubin Architecture, beautifully incorporated this into their Art Deco Combination Apartment project. This project is a great example of how to maximize your space with a few little additions.

OFFICE NOOK | Wait….I’m Actually Getting Things Done! Whether you are finishing up unfinished work or helping the kids with homework, a office nook is the perfect addition to your home. Office nook can easily be added to any home where you might have thought you didn’t have space for an office or work space. Often they are easily added to closets or bedrooms however you can add them to living rooms.

Photo Creds: Chris Warnes Photography

Maximizing Bathroom Space | I love everything about this bathroom by Architect Prineas! I am a minimalist at heart, when I saw this bathroom my heart stopped a little. Okay back to the topic, space saving. This bathroom takes the cake on all bathrooms when it comes to space saving. As you can see, even down to the bathroom accessories are minimized for maximum space. The architect , when designing this space kept every square inch in mind. If you are planning on designing a new bathroom in the near future and have a tight space to work with, this is great inspiration. Also, contact me! I would love to help!


Careful Paint Choice | By using the slightly darker paint color with lighter sheets, you can trick your eye into creating depth. Here you can find the color used in this room

Beneath The Stairs | You Never Know What you Might Find If you can’t seem to find space to put those extra blankets or those dishes that get dusty until company comes… have you thought about building storage under the stairs? Building built in storage underneath the stairs can easily maximize any small space. As seen above, items are neatly tucked away with easy access when needed. For apartments and small homes this can keep from having unsightly clutter. Contact me for info on how to accomplish these amazing designs!Blessings,Lauren Brantley#interiordesign#color#colortrends#aparment#smallspace#spacesaver#smartdesign

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