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Christmas Rendered 2021 | Living Room/Dining Room Reveal | The Grinch

Today is the day! The long-awaited Living Room & Dining Room Reveal! I loved designing this space. Such a moody, intimate vibe in this luxury apartment space. As we come to the middle of December I know things are getting quite busy for you all ( or they are for me at least) Let’s take time to clear our minds, breath, and enter a new space.

The Living Room – It is so simplistic in nature but really packs a powerhouse punch as it welcomes you into the space. I went with a very clean, modern, with a dash of whimsy feel for this space. You’ll see that throughout the home but you especially see it here with the Eny Lee Parker Ooo Floor Lamp I chose that is paired with furniture with striking clean lines. I attempted to mimic the curvature lines of the Eny Lee lamp with the classic Pacha Chair. This design was influenced strongly by mid-century design and incorporated a love for dark rich traditional architecture.

The Dining Room  – is a space filled with drama and mood that will rival any dining room found throughout Whoville. Your eyes go right to the fabulous oversized pampas leaf light fixture, custom made and modeled for this space. A few Christmas decorations are found throughout the space to encourage the Grinch to think twice about his grinchy ways. I chose a classic design when it comes to the fireplace. Staying true to bringing in a traditional aspect throughout the home.

Living Room & Dining Room

The Design Process

The Living Room

The Dining Room

What I enjoyed most about designing this space is incorporating the whimsical nature of Dr. Seuss into what a 21st century/Millennial Grinch might like in his current home. One of my favorite finds was from Enchanted Paints, a small business found on Etsy. Her vision for “Well Done Max” really brought the whole space together. Here is how she describes the art:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! My favorite season is the Christmas season. Inspired by one of the hallmark Christmas classics, ”how the grinch stole Christmas”. I updated his slay though and inserted our beloved max. This painting is called,” Well Done Max!”. I hope this grinch painting adds a touch of enchantment to your living space! Malak, Enchanted Paints

Throughout the living and dining room you’ll see the colors of Christmas brought in but in an understated manner like only the Grinch would accept. I can just picture the grinch with a glass of green tea relaxing after a full day of grouchiness, sitting back reminiscing of days gone by in Mount Crumpet.

Throughout each of these spaces, you will find items that have been modeled by me from our selected Small Businesses. Take a look at the small business featured below

My father, Joseph Jenkins, is the owner of Granny Clampetts. He has spent his whole life in the retail industry but his true love is curating timeless pieces that need a second life. After his career in retail came to a close He turned his passion into a new jump-start, opening Granny Clampett’s.

Steve Smith is my fun-loving uncle who just happens to be quite the artist. I guess one would say my whole family is artistic in some way or the other. However, Steve has always been able to craft beautiful furniture pieces from rustic materials. Currently, Steve is using pipes to create amazing furniture that I have in my own home.

You can purchase his pieces or contact Granny Clampetts

My name is Malak Qubaisi, I’m a healthcare worker based in Dublin, Ireland. Art has always been a passion of mine; unfortunately, I never got the chance to pursue it professionally until the pandemic. During the lockdown, I learned the importance of having a cozy environment that fosters good mental health; a space that encourages creativity and evokes positive energy. I wanted to add paintings to my apartment to enchant my living space and that’s when I started Enchanted Paints. I found a lot of fulfillment in creating these unique pieces for the seasons and I hope they bring a touch of enchantment to your living space!

Heather started Modern Comforts Home by Innovatus Design as a way to help regular people make their homes feel pulled together. She created an affordable pillow and home goods line that’s designed to be mixed and matched to remove the guesswork from accessorizing the perfect home. Select your favorite colorway and corresponding patterns, then order pillows in various sizes to mix and match. It’s an instantly curated look without any fuss. Now anyone can achieve a designer look for their home.

Heather has graciously offered my audience an exclusive coupon code! : ChristmasRendered

Save 15% when you purchase two or more items from the store!! Thank you, Heather!

Items Featured

Digital Flatlay

The rendered flat lay for the room helps you get an idea as to how all the finishes will work together within the rendered space.

Let’s Take a Look!

Dining Room Featuring Carolina Pipe Creations at Granny Clampetts

Dining Room Featuring Carolina Pipe Creations at Granny Clampetts

Living Room Featuring Painting From Enchanted Paints & Pillows From Modern Comfort Home

Living Room Featuring Painting From Enchanted Paints & Pillows From Modern Comfort Home

Dining Room Featuring Carolina Pipe Creations at Granny Clampetts

Register and Stay tuned for the LIVE WALKTHROUGH Coming Saturday!

Thank you for joining me for this reveal that is just another continuation of our CHRISTMAS RENDERED EVENT

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