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Christmas Rendered 2021 | The Grinch | Sitting Room Live VR Tour

As part of the Christmas Rendered Experience, we bring the renders to life via VR! Tour the home each week via VR from your own home using cloud servicing provided by Twinmotion, our chosen rendering engine for the Christmas Rendered home this year.

Instructions :

To help you navigate around the VR tours, I have provided some instructions.

Be aware that the load time for these tours can vary between 5-10mins depending on your internet speed and computer graphics memory.

Navigation Tools

Customize your Experiance

In the upper-right corner, click the preferences icon to open the preferences and controls overview menu. You can use this menu to change the viewing speed, change rendering mode, or even the time of day!

Supported operating systems and browsers:

  1. PC:

  2. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox

  3. macOS & iPad

  4. Safari, Chrome, or Firefox

  5. Android tablets

  6. Chrome

Known limitations:

Note this program is still in beta stages, so there are some known limitations. Quality: The presentation has been automatically reduced to a quality level to ensure functional performance.

Internet access:

We recommend a bandwidth of at least 25 Mbps for a good experience. Lower bandwidth will lead to latency and fuzzy motion in the scene

Session timeout:

Twinmotion Cloud Presentations has two types of timeout:

  1. The first is the global presentation lifespan: your session cannot be over 60 minutes.

  2. The second is the idle presentation timeout: if you do not move or interact with a presentation for five minutes, the presentation will close. To avoid this, keep interacting with your presentation, and keep it in focus on the web browser.

Antivirus and ad blockers:

Antiviruses or ad blockers can potentially block Twinmotion Cloud services during export or in the web browser. Be sure to turn off ad blockers and validate the application in your security software.

Register and Stay tuned for the Giveaway announcment! !

Thank you for joining me for this reveal that is just another continuation of our CHRISTMAS RENDERED EVENT

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“Santa, don’t forget the Grinch. I know he’s mean and hairy and smelly, and his hands are cold and clammy, but I think he’s kinda… sweet.” – Cindy Lou Who.
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