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Christmas Rendered | Lauren Ashley Design | Christmas Playlist Essentials

Christmas music should elicit happiness. Find a playlist that puts a smile on your face. Almost every day I can hear Michael Buble’s Christmas album as it radiates throughout our home. Christmas music is such a diverse genre of music, so what is the best Christmas song is a complicated question. Christmas music transcends genres, country music, R&B, gospel, rap, and rock. The playlist has become an important part of the intake of music. Christmas music is no different, and my Christmas music is a diverse list of songs in which create the Christmas feel in my heart. This is the goal of any sort of preparation because the feeling of Christmas brings us back to those Christmas memories of the past. So, what songs are top on my playlist, and why are they there. Let’s jump into my very own winter wonderland.

The top song of my Christmas playlist is Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). This song has many different renditions. The most popular are the renditions done by Michael Bule and Mariah Carey. Each of these versions of this song makes an appearance on my Christmas music playlist. The version that is at the top of the playlist was an unconscious choice I made. During my college days, Mariah’s version was the version that I most often listened to! Since I have been married, however, Michael Buble has been the version that has come to dominate my playlist. Buble’s voice is iconic in my mind and the instance I hear the opening of his rendition my body has the involuntary reaction of beginning to dance and sing. This song puts my heart and mind in the Christmas spirit no matter the time of year. Whether it is October 1st or Christmas day this song is Christmas to me. Thinking of the snow-covered ground as I walk into my grandparent’s house is elicited throughout the entirety of this song. Now that I am married this song takes on a whole new meaning. My husband and I are able to stay home, but this song takes me back to when we were in a long-distance relationship. Michael Buble is able to take me back to this moment and then able to bring me to the present by the end of the song.

Christmas music should elicit happiness. Find a playlist that puts a smile on your face. A smile is what everyone needs in this time of uncertainty. Keep the faith that Christmas day is coming! Through all the craziness of the past couple of months, there has been an impact on the mindset of everyone who has been impacted by the pandemic. Christmas elicits that child-like magical happiness and the easiest way to get your mind in this zone is Christmas music. Let’s not forget that the sun will come up tomorrow and the world will continue to spin, so I hope each one of you can create your own playlist that will create childlike happiness in your life. We all could a little child-like happiness because to be frank being an adult sucks! So, as the holidays approach draw close to your family and be sure to find the things that will make this holiday season just as special as when Christmas morning came when you were a child. Christmas day is coming and the Christmas bells will be ringing. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Check out this playlist for Christmas day magic!

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