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Creating a Stylish and Organized Desk | On a Budget

Okay you guys, It’s the middle of the year and everything is piling up! (Literally) Maybe your desk is piling up as well? Well, lets take care of that, shall we? Here are a FREE tips and some items to buy.

FREE | Clean, Organize, and De-Clutter! Less is more! Don’t accessorize your desk to death. Clutter is not professional.

BUY | Desk Organizer As seen above, an essential item on our organized desk shopping list is a desk organizer.

One like the one to the right, from amazon for only $8.90 with PRIME SHIPPING, can maximize the space in what can sometimes be an otherwise cramped area.

FREE | Evaluate the Use of Your Desk Taking a step back and really thinking about what you actually use your desk for can be a game changer. Are you a stay-at-home mom? Then a place for the kids homework is top priority. If you’re an Interior designer or Architect, lots of room for various tools might be in order. Various different jobs and lifestyles call for different desk styles and organizational tools. That is why this step is one of the most essential so you can step back and think about what to get for your new and improved desk!

BUY | Desk with Drawers In order to keep the clutter off of the top of your desk, entertain the idea of a desk with drawers.If you are currently using a writing desk and it’s beginning to feel cluttered with pens and pencils… maybe it’s time for an upgrade. It is possible to do this without compromising the simplistic design (as seen above).

One like the one to the right, from amazon for only $75.45 with FREE SHIPPING, can help you organize with ease. Hope these tips were helpful!! If you are looking into an office remodel please contact me for details and information! Blessings, Lauren Brantley#spacesaver#smallspace#aparment#contactme#ideas#office#interiordesign

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