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Designer Interview | Maggie Anderson | Intern Graduate at Lauren Ashley Design

Renderings create a visual for the client to truly grasp what their and the designer’s idea and designs will look like.

– Maggie Anderson

I have had the pleasure of having Maggie as an intern for the past few months during the Spring 2022 Semester. She is a graduating student at Liberty University. Maggie has graced us with her smile and many talents over the past few months. Next for her, she will be moving back to Maryland where she will marry her future hubby and start a new career at a commercial architect firm. We couldn’t be more proud! Please take a moment in the comments to congratulate Maggie on all she has done and what she is going to do.

Congratulations Maggie! Let’s learn more about Maggie in this exclusive interview before she goes.

So Let’s get started!

Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Maggie Anderson and I am a student-athlete! I play lacrosse at Liberty University and am almost done with my degree in Interior Design. I have minors in both psychology and business. I plan to work in a commercial architect design firm after graduation back in Maryland

What did you enjoy most about your time at Lauren Ashley Design LLC?

I loved getting hands-on experience with clients and high-demand projects. You just can’t get that experience in a classroom. Lauren does a great job of creating a fun and efficient work space for us interns!

Did you ever imagine that you could have a career as a rendering artist with an Interior Design Degree?

I did not think you could have a career in that specific area with a design degree. I had not been educated as to what exactly rendering artists do until my internship with Lauren Ashley Design. There is an entire rendering world that needs interior designers in it and it was really eye-opening to see how much is out there for designers.

How do you think for our online design clients, rendering benefits their project? 

Renderings create a visual for the client to truly grasp what their and the designer’s idea and designs will look like. It is almost a glimpse into a future reality when the design is put into motion. It not only helps the designer figure out exactly what their client wishes, but allows the client to see what all the decisions look like that they’ve made together.

For yourself, was learning how to model and render at a new level beneficial?

It was absolutely beneficial! Not only did I have the opportunity to use my new skills in current school projects, but I am also excited to use these skills in my new workplace!

Where do you see yourself in 10years? 

In ten years I hope to either be running my own design business/firm or be able to work part-time and be with my family more.

Lastly, how do you feel about the future of design and the metaverse?

I think the metaverse is grand and undiscovered. From a design perspective, there is a lot of untapped potentials when it comes to designing a metaverse which may benefit a lot of designers. I think it will challenge and expand what the title of a designer means and what a designer does.

All work featured in this blog post was done in along with the rest of the Lauren Ashley Design team of Spring 2022. Please Visit their interview blog post to learn more about their design journey.

I am so appreciative of Maggie for taking the time to answer all my questions. Please follow her on all her socials below

Maggie Anderson

| Designer

Visit Her Website Below

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