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  1. PDFs are very handy for reference, so please send them. But for greater accuracy and to save us time, we’d like to have CAD files as well.

  2. When sending CAD plans, AutoCAD is preferable. If you have something else, we can probably work with that too. Contact us so we can discuss the best way to proceed.

  3. We support a lot of different 3D formats. If you have a 3D model, chances are good that we can read it. The type of model and what you are hiring us for may have an impact on the best format to choose, so it’s probably a good idea to contact us first. Sometimes we can use your existing models, but quite often there is some issue that makes it more efficient for us to re-model from scratch. But even in that case, having your model is an incredibly helpful reference, so send it regardless!

  4. If you send pictures, we prefer JPG or PNG unless there is a specific reason to choose another format.

  5. Fixtures, furnishings and finishes. Whenever possible, please send us the make and model. A web link to the manufacturer’s specs would be great! Reference photos are helpful as well. If the previously mentioned references do not specify, please give us dimensions to ensure that we scale things properly.

  6. Inspiration photos. Links to Design files Pinterest, etc. are always welcome. They are a great way to help us understand your style.

  7. Formats we routinely accept are AutoCAD, Chief Architect, SketchUp, STL, OBJ, FBX, 3DS, As you can see there’s quite a list! If you don’t know the differences or need help determining which format might be best for a given application, contact us and we’ll sort it out!

  8. We prefer tidy files. If your CAD drawing shows multiple versions, it would probably be a good idea to send us just the one you want modeled to prevent confusion. Also, if the geometry is not created properly, it will likely cause additional cleanup time, and in some cases, it will be faster for us to start from scratch. We’ll certainly do the work if necessary, but a cleaner file usually means a quicker turnaround.

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