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How Staying in Business Lodging Fuels the Creative Flame for Your Inner Interior Designer

Just like any other profession, you need to eventually be in a new location, even temporarily, to get out of a “funk.” Honestly, you don’t really need to be an interior designer when it comes to getting inspiration for your home or just general surroundings. It can be pretty tiring dealing with the same old same old, especially when you’re trying to manage deadlines and all of the demands of everyday life. 

Honestly, if you’re just surrounded by the same things all the time, it just feels stale, and it can feel next to impossible to think outside the box or even want to do anything outside the box. That’s why we have vacations, to get away from normal life and to just stop and smell the roses. But have you ever considered that even the space you’re staying at could actually help you get that creative flame back? Yep, you read that right! So here’s everything you need to know!

Experiencing Diverse Designs

Depending on where you’re staying, you might be able to get a large array of inspiration thanks to the designs. For the most part, you can usually count on a short term housing agency to really focus on the design (since they want to make it feel relaxing and inviting for the customer). Just think of it this way: from boutique hotels and charming bed-and-breakfasts to luxury resorts and minimalist Airbnb apartments, each space has its unique personality.

 All of these accommodations want their customers to stay as long as possible; these aren’t ugly like motels are. They were designed to keep you in with their gorgeous colors, plays on texture, light planning, and so on. This firsthand exposure allows you to truly immerse yourself in diverse design languages, inspiring you to experiment with a broad spectrum of styles. You need inspo for your home or any space, and these are the perfect places for it. 

You’ll Get a Nice Idea of User Experience

When it comes to letting out your inner interior designer, you have to keep in mind functionality always comes first, and aesthetics are second. So, just by spending time in various accommodations (or even one, depending on how you’re traveling), you can gain some valuable insights into user experiences- for your home or any space. 

You need to have an understanding of how spaces flow, the impact of lighting on mood, and the functionality of different layouts. Think of it this way: if you’re staying in a hotel room, where the room is tiny, and the furniture is massive to the point you’re struggling to walk around, then you’re going to get an understanding of how that would never work for everyday life. 

Perfect for Getting Cultural Influences

Whether it’s a different region in your country or some other country, this can be wonderful! Accommodations are often a reflection of the local culture and design trends; if you’re staying in a hotel in Paris, they’re going to have those cute Parisian elements (as an example). So, whether it's the warm hues of a Mediterranean villa, the sleek lines of a Scandinavian apartment, or the ornate details of an Asian-inspired guesthouse, each locale contributes to a unique cultural aesthetic. It’s honestly perfect for getting that inspo!

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