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How To Make A Greenhouse More Comfortable

A greenhouse is a great summer addition to any home. However, it can get super hot when the sun is directly above, and super cold when the winter makes its presence known! In times like this, you need to go above and beyond to make your greenhouse a comfortable place to be again. Here are a few little ways you can change the space to make it more convenient to use

Place More Furniture

More furniture equals more function. Plus, more furniture means you can invite more people around, and host more dinner parties and fun evenings with your friends! Wouldn’t that make life feel more comfortable?

Just make sure you measure the space correctly; you don’t want people struggling to move between sofas and chairs, or around tables and cabinets. You can also paint any furniture you bring home to make it feel a bit more ‘sunny’, usually in tones of yellow, pink, orange, and red.

Tint the Windows

A greenhouse is the one room in a home that’s likely to get the hottest. Because of this, you’ll want to either tint the windows, get some double glazing fitted, or even do both. Contact a company like to get the project started and choose the level of tinting or glazing that you’d really like – then you can walk into a greenhouse that feels more temperate and inviting no matter how many degrees it is! You can even spend hours in there from now on without feeling like you’re going to get heat exhaustion. 

Install a Heater

Conservatories can become very cold in the autumn and winter months. You can feel like your extension becomes all but useless as a result. To prevent this, invest in a good space heater and place it in a prime position on either end of your greenhouse. 

As long as it has the required square footage according to the box instructions, you should soon find the area to be just as warm and cozy as every other room in your house. As long as the heater is an unobtrusive color, it shouldn’t even impact on the look too much either.

Hang Patterned Blinds

Patterned blinds add some fun to a greenhouse space, which can otherwise feel super whitewashed and bland. If you invest in a pattern that features birds of paradise or flamingoes, or fruits like lemons and lime, you can dramatically change the atmosphere of your greenhouse. A good bit of decoration goes a long way, and you’ll have a lot of windows to cover up. You could even hang different patterns in an order, like every other one or in sets of two. 

If you’ve got a greenhouse that feels a lot like a completely useless space, use design tips like these to ensure a comfortable setting all year round. You should be able to use any room in your house at any time you like, so don’t give your sun room extension a free pass!

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