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How To Seamlessly Integrate New Tech Into Your Household

Photo by Ahmed Abdelaziz When we think of home decor, we often think of the most traditional elements of comprising a space. This might include tables, chairs, sofas, decorative elements like plants, lighting both natural and artificial, as well as room-specific measures like a full bedspread, or the orientation of a bathroom and its need for privacy.

However, it’s also true that a very new standard has made itself known in our properties over the years. Namely, new technologies. These can take the form of quite basic home assistants and smart home technologies, up to televisions that, while they’ve been in homes for quite some time, are now larger and more noticeable than ever before.

Seamless integrating new tech into your household, then, can be quite an intense measure to get right. In this post, we’ll discuss how to seamlessly apply those measures to your household without nullifying the actual quality of your home decor and design experience.

Try To Match Shades

Of course, the space grey of your television might not seem so well integrated into a relatively rustic, earthen living room. But it’s also true that some devices, like televisions, now offer ambient modes that can display gently moving patterns or colors throughout the day on a lower power output. This means it can essentially serve as wall art, and look great at the same time. Moreover, door cameras, home assistants and more come in many tones that can match the natural characteristics of your painted elements or furnishings. You may be surprised how small and neat such devices can be, and if left out of the way, they won’t detract from your overall design.

Conceal Wires & Cables

It’s rare to have a fully wireless device, and even those devices will need to be recharged from time to time, either with batteries or a direct connection to your power outlet. This is where running cables gently throughout the space can be so helpful, as it will take away from the visual clutter of keeping items in a room. For example, a large television stand with slots for your child’s games consoles and a little space behind to carefully route those cables can help you avoid the spiderweb mess that may otherwise be present.

Room Designed Around Tech

It may seem that designing a space around tech is absolutely the antithesis of integrating that naturally into your household, but that’s not always the case. As you can see via the constructions implemented by, even the most cutting-edge home theatre systems can be curated to look natural in a space, and moreover, to be cohesive with other designs in the property too. Decors is rarely about fitting a traditional standard, but about doing your best with the space you have, adding light, function and comfort to a room, and doing so to maximize its purpose. As such, a room designed around tech can be a fantastic option as well.

With this advice, you’re sure to seamlessly integrate new tech into your household going forward.

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