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Lauren Ashley Design’s Entry in Chief Architect Kitchen And Bath Contest

Chief Architect Holds Annual Kitchen and Bath Contest in Fall 2021

Lauren Brantley of Lauren Ashley Design has entered the contest with a modern Cali coastal-inspired kitchen, focused on what is to come in 2022 in kitchen design.

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Chief Architect is a program that Lauren Ashley Design utilizes to create advanced modeling of kitchens, home exterior, and entire home models – and so much more. Since starting to use this platform in the summer of last year, Lauren Ashley Design has been able to save time and take on additional clients. At Lauren Ashley Design we believe in full transparency which is why we always celebrate the programs we use to create each rendering.

Chief Architect has saved created a workflow for my business that is a lot more manageable. Home Designer is a fun tool to learn and provides quality modeling for each project despite the challenges of the architecture. Lauren Brantley, CEO/Owner of Lauren Ashley Design

The design of the kitchen was influenced by Lauren’s Modern Cali-coastal style with deep tones that are brought in from her mountain upbringing.

I designed the kitchen with the 2022 family in mind. I genuinely believe that the 2022 family continues to want to feel outside in, however instead of the white on white look that we consistently felt throughout 2021 that steamed from a clean look, the home will take on a warm feeling. The need for comfort in the house is vast considering the world’s environment, and in 2022 we will see modern kitchens welcome all charcoal colors with oversized windows to embrace this look. One thing that will stay is the use of clean lines throughout.Lauren Brantley, CEO/Owner of Lauren Ashley Design

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