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Updating Your Home for Increased Happiness

Transforming your home is never easy or quick. If you are unhappy with how your home looks or feels, it can be detrimental to how you feel spending time there. After all, no one wants to feel unhappy in their home, and how it looks can play a massive part in that.

But how can you bring your home back up to where you want it to be?

Update Flooring

If you have carpets down, change them for new carpets or new flooring altogether, maybe. Wooden flooring is something that has withstood the test of time, and whether this is real wood flooring or engineered or laminate floor, it doesn’t matter. You can really change up the look and feel of your home by paying attention to what is under your feet.

If you always have real wood flooring, then looking at non-sandable floor refinishing services can help you to revive your flooring without you having to undertake this mammoth task yourself or cover it with carpet. If you need extra comfort under your feet, add a rug or two to help you increase warmth and comfort levels without fully covering the hardwood floor.


A quick and easy fix to your home woes can be to look at the lighting in each room and see how you can improve it. It might be a case of changing to a brighter watt lightbulb to illuminate the space better, or you can rearrange the furniture away from windows to allow more natural light to flood in. For darker rooms, try adding a mirror opposite the window to reflect light back into the room and help you make it lighter all around. For more complex lighting issues, you can look at changing the light fittings and style another or even add in more lighting options such as food lamps, under-shelf lighting, backlights for TV, and more.


A lick of paint can do wonders in instantly updating your home’s look and feel. Even if you haven’t settled on a color scheme or decor style, simply painting the walls and ceilings white can brighten up a room instantly and give it a quick makeover. From here, you will have a blank canvas to work with and a starting point to build from. You don’t even have to do the whole house; you can paint a feature wall, paint your wooden doors, or even paint tiles on the kitchen floor for a quick flooring refresh and makeover.


If you can’t quite pinpoint what is getting to you, then you need to strip things back to basics. Start looking at what you own and if you really need it or want it. Having too much stuff can instantly cramp the room and make you feel like you have no space to move. A quick decluttering session can help you see the wood for the trees and free up some space to help you get back to a better place physically and mentally and make some free and simple changes to how you live.

Change It Up

Another free thing you can do to help you overhaul your home is to move items about. Reorganize the layout, disrupt things, and even change the function of a room (of course, not the bathrooms or kitchen but bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, etc., can all be changed).

Move your primary bedroom to a different room; if you spend more items in your kitchen for dinner, then why not move your living space there and have a separate dining room so you can all spend more time together in a room where you are anyway? Get creative with the layout and usage of each room to make it work for you for a low-cost update.


Lastly, if you feel the need to make significant changes, getting quotes from home renovations can help you have the look and feel of your home altogether and allow you to modernize the space and make it work for you and your lifestyle. Not all homes work for everyone, and sometimes you need to rip the bandaid off and make more drastic changes. If you need more space, make major repairs, or want to make it look and feel better, renovations will be the best way to do this.

Feeling happy and content at home is something everyone should strive for. It is the pace you go to unwind and relax and if you can do these, then you need to look at ways to make changes to hope you make it into the home you need it to be.

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