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Upgrading Your Rental Decor With Plants

Renting a home usually comes with strict limitations that prevent you from getting the decor and design that you really want. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform it to make it your own. One of the most flexible and effective ways to upgrade your rental decor is by adding some plants to the mix. Not only does it add a touch of nature, but it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your rooms, add visual interest, and even improve the air quality a tad. For some people, plants even boost their mood, making it a great addition to office spaces and relaxation areas.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can upgrade your rental decor by using plants.

Choosing low-maintenance plants

If you’re new to plant decor or have a busy lifestyle, then we suggest starting with low-maintenance plants such as:

  • Snake plant

  • Peace lily

  • Monstera

  • ZZ plant

  • Aloe vera

  • Prayer plant

  • Pothos

  • Succulents

  • Cowboy cactus

These are some of the most popular plants that you can keep indoors without needing to worry about them too much. Sure, they’ll take a bit of watering and you’ll want to give them plenty of space, but otherwise, you don’t need to stick to a strict watering schedule to keep them alive and healthy.

Choose planters that fit your decor

One of the great things about introducing plants to your decor is that you can fully customize their planters. You can choose pastel-colored planters, you can go for a rustic option such as a hanging bucket, or you can pick something ultra-modern like a slim planter that hangs on your windows.

There’s so much choice out there at different price points, and it can feel more overwhelming than choosing the plants to put inside them!

Using artificial plants

Another great option is to use artificial plants. This is usually a good choice if you really don’t want to bother with real plants and watering them. They don’t look as good and they don’t really change over time as they grow, but there’s virtually zero maintenance and they still look fantastic.

This is a valid option for some people, and we wouldn’t knock it completely!

Planting things to use indoors

If you’ve got outdoor space to plant things that can be arranged into pots and used as decorations, then you have a lot more opportunities to create beautiful and flexible arrangements! Make sure you prepare tools and materials, such as looking for topsoil for sale and getting a large enough planter to hold everything. Do a bit of research on how to take care of those plants, and be vigilant when it comes to watering.

When it comes to moving the plants indoors, try not to damage the roots and use planters that are large enough. Larger plants may do better in large floor planters, whereas smaller flowers and plants will do fine on shelves or even hanging from ceilings and walls.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your rental without going through too much trouble, plants and flowers can really make a difference. 

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