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Welcome to the Team | Lauren Ashley Design welcomes new Interns for the Winter/Spring

Hello all, it’s been a while, this new website has taken all my spare time (If I had any). Suprisingly I’m writing you on a Monday. Usually Mondays are filled with client emails, finalizing jobs, cleaning up my inbox, meetings, and let’s be honest just a bunch of mess. This week I am detirmed to get back in the groove to regulate my stress levels and mental health.

For today’s blog, I want to introduce you to a few lovely ladies that have decided to join Lauren Ashley Design for a short while. We will be meeting Kori, Jayleen, and Laura from Liberty University. Liberty University if you don’t know is my alma mater where I earned a degree in Interior Design. These ladies are in the last semester of their degree at Liberty.

These ladies are excited to learn more about marketing, rendering, graphics, and modeling. We will be showcasing some of their work in the near future.

Laura Kline

Laura Kline | Lauren Ashley Design

Laura is an interior design major and at Liberty University. She has worked full-time while completing her degree and looks forward to being able to work full-time as a designer. As an aspiring interior designer, it is her passion to solve design and aesthetic problems with creative solutions. Laura has a broad range of work experience but looks forward to learning the workings of a design firm. We are glad to have Laura here with us as she continues to learn and grow.

Kori Kalkbrenner

Kori Kalkbrenner | Lauren Ashley Design

Kori Kalkbrenner is an aspiring interior designer. Kori is from a small town in Illinois, currently a student at Liberty University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Throughout her life, she loved working on home DIY’s and being creative. She has a strong passion for design and says it does not feel like a 9-5 for her… it’s a passion. She has been such a joy and soft spirit while she has been here I can’t wait for you all to see more from Kori.

With graduation right around the corner, I am very excited to have an internship with Lauren Ashley Design. Lauren’s work is a quality that I hope to learn from and achieve. While she is an amazing designer and excellent at rendering, she is also a very kind person that is interested in helping me grow as a designer. I am very passionate about design, quality, and doing everything in a way that honors our Creator. I cannot wait to start a career in interior design. – Kori

Jayleen Peatfield

Jayleen Peatfield | Lauren Ashley Design

Jayleen is an interior design major from the Boston area, where she currently resides. She has a passion for the technical aspect of design. The renderings, models, and BIM softwares is where her passion resides. While she is here with us we hope to launch her skill set to new levels and help her get well on her way after graduation. Jayleen has displayed great skill in this area thus far and you will be seeing more from her in the future.

Drafting, modeling, and rendering have always been tools I use to bring my designs to life in vivid color. I am looking forward to having different opportunities to practice and better my skill of transforming ideas into real-life design. Jayleen

Please join me in welcoming these ladies in the comments!

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